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Monday, July 13, 2020

MONDAY #4219

One Of My Very Own






I had to look him up.




I had to look him up also...

Weight loss journey...


Those two mirrors really make it work.

Cops are straight up like, we’ll fucking kill you if you keep saying that we kill people.



Silliness aside, moon landing deniers used the shadows on the moon in an attempt to "prove" there were two light sources.
Which, of course, is just plain stupid.

This lady pleads NOT GUILTY?!? 


That is my motto, but I say faking instead of winging.
Then I add "But some of us are better at faking than others."

He's the man who captured art-making in one sentence: 
"I just move things around until they look good." 








I remember that. It proved that child testimony could be manipulated very easily and must be done by a mental health professional instead of law enforcement.



The homeowner turned his sprinklers on before leaving to escape a Kansas wildfire. He came home to this.

I had a dream last night where is heard a word and asked the speaker what it meant. She told me to look it up. This morning I did.
The members of a household.
Not to be confused with a ménage à trois which is a domestic arrangement with three people sharing romantic or sexual relations with one another, and typically dwelling together. The phrase is a loan from French meaning "household of three".
Manège is the art of training and riding horses. 

"And remember: If you start losing your hair at a young age, growing it out longer just makes you look balder." - me, concluding a commencement address




My favorite TV scene of all time...



Kind of like making art.

I looked that up and it's real. 


What a lovely, delightful young woman.


It's a water bottle.

If you only read the news the world is bad. But if you actually go outside, the world is also bad there.




I bet he felt foolish when he realized he could have just walked across the bridge! 


Do you think he works for the bus company? If so I would love to read his job description.












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Subtracting the second number from the first results in the first digit of the answer. Then add the two numbers together and place the result after the first answer to get the final number ie: 7-6 = 1; 7+6 = 13; 113

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