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Monday, July 27, 2020

MONDAY #4233

One Of My Very Own



Facial reconstruction of a child with Crouzon Syndrome.

[verification needed]

A Seychelles giant tortoise named Jonathan, who is thought to be approximately 188 years old, holds the distinctive honor of being the oldest living terrestrial animal in the world. It is believed that Jonathan hatched around 1832, though no exact date is known. This ancient Testudinidae has lived most of his life at the Plantation House on the remote island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. Jonathan was brought to the island from Seychelles in 1882, along with three others.

As I understand it, it kept them awake, alert, and super aggressive for days.


That had to hurt. 


The Dzhanibekov Effect
 When an object has three distinct moments of inertia, the object will always try to spin on the axis with the greatest moment of inertia (greatest mass farthest away from the axis).
That is to say that when spun on an axis with a lesser moment of inertia, the middle-sized moment of inertia will create instability in the rotation. You can see that above in the spinning knob.
This is what happens when it's done in space.

Briggs-Rauscher reaction - 'The Oscillating Clock'


What would be your hand gesture for talking on the phone?

I find that very interesting.

3600-year-old Egyptian ax
 Love the picture in the middle - Instructions for proper usage.
"Smite on top of the head with your dick hanging out."

This device is ingenious! A must watch:

I wonder if that works on any plant.

Every girl who tried using telekinesis after watching Matilda reads tarot cards now.



This UFO McDonald’s in Roswell, New Mexico is the only one like it in the world.


"You are telling me it just got up and..."


Hatchet throwing contest
 Two men throw at one target simultaneously.
And look what happened:

He's got that arm thing down pat!


Wait for it...
I think she just wanted to pee. 



Not only is the kid out in the rain, but he's also standing under the cascade from the umbrella runoff.

Wind turbine on fire after brake failure.


Not in a million years.

I think she likes him.

You probably need to be having sex prior to claiming you have a safe word.







I would leave it just like that. 


Imagine how many people have jobs that a simple machine could do better. 

But I don't think a machine can make Art.
I like that very much. You may see a simple landscape, but I see much more. 

Golsa Golchini


I bet 'sidewalk' and 'fireplace' were named by the same person.




In your dreams, Sparky. 

Falling Boxes Prank
Did you notice that most women ducked and most men threw up an arm to block?

I know I've shown you this before but who wouldn't want to see this more than once?










That's too easy. 
Put them in the order in which each fills.


Anonymous said...

If someone needs to work three jobs to survive, I suggest they get more training/education to get a better job. Minimum wage is not meant to be a career goal.

David said...

Puzzle time - K will fill up and overflow and not letting any others get water

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: K is the first, and only, tank to fill. After it fills it just constantly overflows. The water level in the pipe leading to tank I cannot go any higher than the top of K.

Anonymous said...

Pizzle time: K and only K, assuming water line is connected to output side of pump, and inlet side has water source.

Anonymous said...

Is this correct?ralph.henry.at.folio.olio@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous above:

That is such a bullshit, copout blanket statement. Circumstance can be a bitch and I've known some people who work like Sisyphus only to have life roll back over the top of them, time and again.

Minimum wage may not be a career goal, but it should be enough to meet minimum standards. It no longer does. That someone has to work more than one job is more telling of where we are as a society than it says about those individuals.


Ralph Henry said...


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