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Tuesday, July 28, 2020



Now he is implementing that policy in America.



Other countries have been asked to make sacrifices before and DID NOT come up lacking.
 They have all heard stories from their ancestors about the duties of citizenship.
Now the whole world considers wearing a mask as a sign of sanity and good citizenship, not tyranny.
(NOTE: I know they have their dissenters but not nearly as many as the US.)

The crux of our problem:
Thinking our opinions outweigh science has been with us for a long time.

The attack on Fauci for God's sake proves my point.

Fauci has studied what other countries have done to beat the virus. He tells us if we do those things then we too can beat it also. Ergo: he is a tyrant.
When I don't know the answer I go to the experts for help.
When your car breaks, who do you call? A fucking mechanic! NOT the mayor or governor.
When your sink leaks you call a fucking plumber.
When you get sick you call A FUCKING DOCTOR!
Well, the whole goddamn country is sick and we have called the doctors. How have Americans by the millions responded? "Oh, what do they know?"

A man whom my wife and I once respected is rabidly anti-mask. He explains his rationale this way:
"If you're a good person you will get through this."
This otherwise intelligent man would rather trust fate, karma, or magic than to take the advice of the people who have dedicated their lives to show us how to solve this very problem.

To many people, the facts simply don't matter.
 This has been proven with religious belief and the denial of evolution and the age of the Earth. Facts just don't matter once you get it in your head that you are right.

I hear this often:
But this pandemic mitigation IS MY BUSINESS.
I need you to protect me. And I swear I will do everything in my power to protect you.

I predict that the opening of schools will be a catastrophic disaster.
Our leaders tell us that other countries have done it with no problems, but the other countries did it when they were way over their hump and infection rates were very low. Today in America we are STILL GOING UP! It's insanity!


But just maybe it's time to panic.
We Americans are famous for one adage: If Plan A doesn't work you get yourself a Plan B.  Well, our Plan A sure as shit isn't working.

You pass local ordinances that dictate that if a shop owner allows customers to break the new rules it is warned on the first offense. The second offense is a $500 fine. The third offense is $2000. The fourth offense is the loss of a business license.
Too tyrannical? That's what my state did with smoking. And remember, that was done not to protect the smoker but 
I'm all for doing that with the wearing of masks.

Hurricane Hanna taking down Trump's wall

The Mexicans are gonna pay for that!

Did you notice that they are all trying to wear hats...in a hurricane?



That was 1964. 
We are all tired of it and this time a whole bunch of people demands that it stops NOW! 
Who would have thought that the notion that the police stop killing citizens would be controversial?
 I do not sanction violence or the destruction of property. I would expect nothing less from peaceful protestors than to rat out the trouble-makers. Non-violence has been proven an effective strategy.




I think we all need to call no-maskers Snowflakes because they are always whining.

Anthony Rizzo offers the hitter hand sanitizer at first base.

On Saturday, a newsman asked a Congressman what he wants from Donald Trump, and the Congressman said, "I  want him to tell every person, woman, man, camera, or TV why he..."
I laughed aloud.


Walt Disney World has redesigned their Splash Mountain...

Stupid people don't wear masks. 
There are a plethora of stupid people in the South.

Trend: Matchy-matchy mask/apparel combos

A topic for another time.



A most perfect juxtaposition for inclusion...


Went through the takeout window and drove to the river. I opened all packaging without touching the food. The wife retrieved the food without touching the packaging. After disposing of trash, I sanitized my hands and we ate listening to Pavarotti singing I Did It My Way.

A good day.

Stay safe, Gentle Reader, and listen to some opera.


Anonymous said...

My daughter turns 18 two days too late to vote. I'm going to cast my vote in proxy for her. I think her voice is more important than a nearly 57 year old who has done nothing to change the world.
She wants change and I am going to give her that voice. I am not going to rob her of another four years to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Once again you left out the halo over Obama's head.

Anonymous said...

Another possible name for no-maskers I saw recently, maskholes.

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