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Monday, July 20, 2020



Make them fun.

Please, please listen to this young lady's arguments against mask-wearing.
Can we safely assume that was a spoof? 
It's hard to tell nowadays. 


We pay a lot of really smart people an awful lot of money to study pandemics just so they can give us advice and then we Americans hear that advice and form our opinion to match what we don't want to be bothered with...wearing a mask. 



Fair question.

 Letter sent out to Florida teachers saying sign away your life or don't come back to work




A man who not only talked the talk 
but walked the walk.

'Karens Gone Wild' with sound:

FOX and Carlson are being sued for libel in a story about  Karen McDougal. She's one of two women that were paid to keep quiet about their affairs with Donald Trump. 
NY Law requires that the speaker's audience believe their remarks. By claiming that Tucker's audience knows he's lying, they can claim he's just entertaining them. Like a comedian... which TBH, he really is if you have a functioning brain. 
The same tactic was tried by Alex Jones when he claimed to be a “performance artist” in a similar defamation lawsuit. 




They weren't paid to do that. They were defending the guy. Choose your battles carefully.
But I can still laugh at how the internet reacts.

What about fire drills? Active shooter drills? Fire trucks for Christ's sake! 

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