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Monday, July 20, 2020

MONDAY #4226

One Of My Very Own


One view of Copenhagen

I have a thing about repetitive patterns, but I also have a thing about conformity. It's a conundrum I must bear.

[verification needed]
It looks a little photoshopped but I couldn't find out shit.

Social distancing? 

 [verification needed]

1970s Cold War Bunker - Las Vegas
 Lighting switches are marked ‘Sunset’, ‘Day’, ‘Dusk’ and ‘Night’
Could I rent that NOW?!?! 

I took that at face value because I wanted it to happen so badly.

Gawkers always perplex me.

The Vasa Museum.
 The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed, the mighty warship was salvaged.


The city of Florence, Oregon, has opened a new municipal park named Exploding Whale Memorial Park. 
 The name was selected by a poll of citizens and commemorates the infamous 1970 incident in which Oregon authorities decided to get rid of the rotting carcass of a huge beached whale by blowing it up with a half-ton of dynamite. 
The ensuing disaster became a tale to be told for generations.
NOTE: Refrigerator sized chunks crushed cars a quarter-mile away.


No matter how happily married you think you are, there will always be those times when your spouse eats that last cookie.



You really need to research this yourself...if you dare.

Life of Organic Farmer
The caption read: "An afternoon of zapping!"
I'm assuming it is like a patio bug zapper which is chemical-free.

I try so hard to do that. I have real friends who are black and white but also had or have plumbers, scientists, house painters, philosophers, bartenders, and poets.

 [verification needed]


Fuck China.


The non-glare glass is also available in UV blocker to keep you work from fading. I use it for all my art.
It SHOULD NOT be used on doors...for obvious reasons.



I like the image very much but can't imagine how they timed it.

I wonder who would notice the missing mini-fridge first, the hotel cleaning staff, or the next guest?






[verification needed]


They used the Meme King!!!


Either way, they are probably staying off the meat. 



I always skip leg day at the gym. I keep my body proportionate by skipping every other day at the gym as well.







Before this ended I would have bet real money they that would end in disaster. 

I think they practice that!! 


He's called a "ringer" and that means 
all bets are off.

Now she's just showing off.



 When the McDonalds manager fought back.




Doing that is WAY too much work.




weaponoffishdestruction@gmail.com said...

Pretty sure its Dave's glass that will fill first?

Anonymous said...

Is Albert Shanker your idol ? 😁😁

Steve said...

Puzzle: Bob

Ralph Henry said...

Shanker - Never met the man.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: Dave
Because if the sphere above Bob is just one unit more in radius than the sphere between Carl and dave, we will start filling dave way before we start filling Bob.

Assuming the sphere between Carl and dave is radius 2, it has a volume of 33.51 units.
If the sphere above Bob is just one more, then it has a volume of 113. If it if double then it explodes to a whopping 268 units.

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