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Saturday, July 11, 2020


One Of My Very Own









A doe with two incredibly rare albino fawns.

Tanzanite: Tanzanian miner becomes an overnight millionaire
A small-scale miner in Tanzania has become an overnight millionaire after selling two rough Tanzanite stones - the biggest ever find in the country. Saniniu Laizer earned £2.4m ($3.4m) from the country's mining ministry for the gemstones, which had a combined weight of 15kg (33 lb).
"There will be a big party tomorrow," Mr. Laizer, a father of more than 30 children.




Mural painted on public housing in Sala Sweden
I liked to use architectural details in my designs also. 

Ink on a human palm...

It's impossible to kink shame a raccoon.


[verification needed]

“What’s your dream job?” 
"I simply do not dream of labor."



Goalkeeper of the year...

Close call...


What a 47.1-inch vertical jump looks like in slow motion.
I never went into the woods without a weapon. 

I always believed it was because the more I drink, the more I become a dick.


Social media influencers during the BLM movement.
There is always one guy like that in every group project. 


How the hell do I have white privilege when I wear glasses and have a peanut allergy?




 EVERYTHING she did was the EXACT wrong thing to do!





He was half Native American. 













 Miss Audrey Hepburn



DtheB said...

Post Office

David said...

Puzzle time- post office

Anonymous said...

puzzle time: post office

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time twist: since the puzzle was so quickly solved I offer this variation.

what starts with a P, ends wih an E and has millions of numbers?

Anonymous said...

pharmaceutical enterprise if you use a second pronounciation.

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