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Wednesday, July 29, 2020


One Of My Very Own


Knocking the morning dew off hail netting.

Nets like these are also used to collect water up in mountainous areas where there's no snow, lakes, or streams.

Comet Neowise over Utah

I imagine far away from the city's light pollution.
I've never seen a comet.


I've laid a bunch of tile but never like this...

Ladies love a guy that knows how to use a vibrator.


Want to guess what this is?
Rain on hot concrete. 
I can almost smell it.

The emissions from a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle: water.

 "Built-in 1888, this Victorian home from a different era has braved the elements and fought shoreline erosion on Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay for well over a century."
Read more: 
On Friday, in a shock decision that immediately roiled the soccer world, the European governing body banned Manchester City from European competition for two seasons for violating the Financial Fair Play regulations mandating that clubs break even under their own economic power. 


[verification needed]

Is that mast attached to the bow? Is that normal?

Speaking of...

Being stuck at home for the last 4 months and waiting for FedEx today makes me understand why dogs go nuts when the mailman shows up.








Female robot



Horrible rider accident caught-on-camera...


Hilarious now that anyone thought it was a plot hole that after the events of Jurassic Park that people would dare
A) Re-open the park
B) Be eager to visit the re-opened



There are two types of dogs...


If you thought your whole life Kiwis are small like I did, well, Kiwis are this big actually.

I had no idea.

Black-crested leaf turtle

Looks utterly like a dinosaur.


"Don't ask, just get me outta here!" 
- Bird probably

Stingrays swim past the most sunburned human on the planet...wait for it...


I lost my virginity to a partner who also 
lost her virginity at the same time.

Yeah, well that dog reminds me of the event.


Yes, she is doing exactly what you think she's doing...

When my wife does that to me I react the same way.

Subway is great if you want to eat 12 meatballs in a loaf of bread and pretend it’s healthy.



The sound is amazing: CLICK HERE 
The aberrant part is leaning over that hole.


"Hey look we can drive on the beach now..."
And I bet there were old farts sitting on their porch who knew exactly what was going to happen yet said nothing.

My wife types with one finger and she's pretty fast at it.
I once watched her masturbate with one hand and conduct on-line banking with the other.


Great show of empathy... yes they are paid to fight, but as soon as the fight was over, this fighter showed class. 

Submarine pitcher


Would you stand that close to the edge?

 The Beryozka Dance Ensemble whos steps are so small they look as if they are floating.




I would put that on my resume.





 That reminds me that there are enough splinters of the cross to build a cathedral.






Anonymous said...

A11: that is the forestay with a jib roller. It is attached to tbe front onf the boat and the top of tbe mast. You just cant see the mast.

Wrekreation said...

I enjoy the "women younger than my wife". Nicely done!

Kranky Old Guy said...

Female Robots - B6
Question: Why do female robots have tits?

Anonymous said...

Because male robots like them

Unknown said...

A7: The house has Shrunk because of I.Qs dropping suddenly while Ripley was away! hahahah

Unknown said...

A9: Age of consent in the Vatican..... 12 years of age! What a Surprise!!! They're running out of Gold-Plated NONCECASES! :(

Unknown said...

B6: Saggy TITS!

Unknown said...

C2: Kiwis are the Biggest arseholes compared to their size on the Planet. They Cheep and Chirp but they're Arseholes BIG STYLE! Their eggs come out of their tiny arses. They should be Whaled because they're also Mammals with cloven hooves and Bad language! hahahahah

Unknown said...

D1: He's wearing a mask! He's not gonna infect any Other Corpses that ended up SPLAT!

Unknown said...

D11. Does blogging bring any relief from life anxiety? I don't even bother with Selfies. What good could Blogging, do? :)

Ralph Henry said...

About blogging: I enjoy surfing the net and when I come upon something interesting to me I like to share. I once described it as sitting in a doctor's waiting room with my wife and we are both looking through magazines. When I come upon something of interest I would hold it over for my wife to see. That's what blogging is...sharing things.
Recently, however, we have a pandemic while being governed by a moron, so I have to spread my displeasure over that.

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