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Friday, August 28, 2020

FRIDAY #4265

One Of My Very Own









Interestingly there is a walkway similar to that one that goes out to the middle of Arecibo Observatory. I turned it down.
The last part is almost straight up. 
Some very famous scientists have made the journey.





No truer words have ever been spoken. 

Math? Who needs it. 

I resemble that remark.
















And wear seatbelts.

Their names.






Thank God there is the super-fit woman who constantly power walks past my window to remind me that I don’t want to do that.



Crew Dragon capsule before and after the flight to Space Station
That's fucking amazing!

I think he did that on purpose...like breaking through fortifications. 


 Not a turn lane...
The lane markings ARE a little confusing.

Turkish trucker dumps dirt onto the road blocking a road rage driver he had an issue with.

 The caption mentioned someone forgetting to open a valve.

These similar items were done by the wind.

This science teacher demonstrates the effect.


I once had to put my Alfa Romeo into storage until I could find a used motor. By the time I found one we discovered a nest of rats had taken up residence under the hood. (this is not my car)
 The possum in that car gnawed on some of the cables.

In my Alfa, they ate the entire wiring harness!


If I can call an eagle a conveyance...

Then I can call a cat a conveyance...

^^B 9-10^^

Life is an alphabet soup that has too many consonants and not enough vowels and all you can spell is borscht.



I so admire people who can do that. I can only suppose that when you get ready to change jobs you put that on your resume. 
So what do you call it?

This is a new and much used meme image. 

With Venezuela hyperinflation, their currency is more or less worthless. So these guys make purses out fo it.
 It's all stitched together and seems rather sturdy.
 And attractive...

With sound: CLICK HERE

A Chinese Theater Accidentally Used a Gay, Fan-Made Thor poster 


Flawless scribe rail against the stonework
That is much harder than it looks. 

This is very interesting.

Trinity River, Safe Graveyard
 These guys found a safe in the river and somehow got it open.
 It was full of $100 bills.
 Some of them were sealed in plastic and were in pretty good shape.
 But due to a hole in the safe most of them had soaked in water for a while and will probably have to be sent to the mint for verification.

The She-Demon from the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "The Wrong Path". Played by Nicky Mealings.

A guy told me that he made a system like this to water his garden.
The city made him dismantle it because the government "owns" all rainwater.
So much for my idea to use rainwater to flush toilets.












Anonymous said...

B7: Mice and Wiring Harness
My wife's Honda Pilot had a bad knock sensor. When I received the new one it had a special cable that had pictures of a mice on it. I looked it up and it turns out that mice love to sleep in that spot under the intake plenum because it stays warm all night. And they chew on the cable.

Picture of the replacement cable with the mice icons printed on it.

Scott James said...

C11: City owned rainwater - then I would sue the city each and every time there was rain caused water damage.
FYI - My city promotes the use of rain barrels and will even deliver them to your house.

Inchworm said...

remove pencils pointing away from center square. Leaving center square and outermost boundary forming big square. two squares, they don't touch.

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