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Saturday, August 15, 2020


One Of My Very Own
Perfect picture for that statement.




Country Concert

Something you don't see every day.



Just think how much that cloud weighs.


YOU: "But they earned their money fair and square and deserve to keep it."
They buy politicians to pass laws that enrich only them. Fair and square indeed.

 "A fucking rock that walks?!"
- Elephant probably


The laws of physics...


More physics...


And that lunatic sits in his tent and films a grizzly up close and personal.

Did you know cats only meow to communicate with us? If they’re not raised around people they don’t do it. They are trying to make a human voice. Nice try cats, we don’t sound like that. Just sayin'.

It has crossed my mind a couple of times a week.


That murderer from Green Mile
That pants pissing guard from Green Mile
Wild Bill from Silence of the Lamb
Principal in Matilda
Jenny's dad

That's not how this works. 
That's not how any of this works. 





This is my senator.



Jesus: *holding bread*
This is my body.
*holding wine*
This is my blood.
*holding a meeting* This could have been an email.






 You may have to open that in a new tab but I think it will be worth it.


I know what Santa wants for Christmas...

Mrs. Claus




Don't fuck with graybeard biker.


What fucknut gets closer and closer to a huge cornered snake?





"What have I done?"

I hope you enjoyed those.

You're welcome.







Please...at least watch this first one...



 This is harder than it looks.


David said...


Anonymous said...

Solution = 810

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time....
This is intriguing because in the equation defining a clock, the third clock is the mirror image or possibly ? inverse of the other 2. Thus, the "inverse" clock could be 1/clock. Or perhaps it is negative of clock. Or perhaps the first two clocks, where the time is equal to 9, their value is 9 and the third clock value is 3.
Presuming 1/clock is represented by the 3rd clock, this means that clock + clock + 1/clock = 21. Using the quadratic equation, the value of clock would be 10.45 or roughly 10.5. Or it could be roughly 0.05.

If the third clock is interpreted as negative clock, then clock is simply 21.

If the values of the clocks are represented as time, then the first two clocks are each 9, and the third clock is 3.(9+9+3 = 21). This is the simplest interpretation.

Now we have the calculator. 3 of the "1234" calculators equals 30. Thus, each "1234" calculator equals 10. The sum of 1+2+3+4 = 10. One can assume the value of the calculator is simply the sum of the numbers displayed in the window.

Then we have the light bulbs. 2 light bulbs minus a light bulb equals 15. That means a light bulb is equal to 15. But those are all light bulbs with 5 hash marks. One could assume then that each hash mark refers to a multiple of 3, such that 5 hash marks times 3 = 15. Or, the light bulb with no mark is 10, and each hash mark means you add 1. I like this version better because it is simpler...only involves adding vs. multiplication.

Having said all this, using the simplest interpretations, we have the following for the equation to solve:
Clock = 9 (time on clock is 9)
calculator value = 9 (1+2+2+4)
each light bulb = bulb + 4 hashes = 10 + 4 = 14
we have 3 light bulbs...assume we would add all 3 together = 42 (14+14+14)
using correct order of operations, multiply by calculator value = 9*42 = 378
finally, add a clock = 378 + 9 = 387

Answer is 387, using the simplest interpretations of the symbols. But I would argue there are multiple valid answers.

Stephen Hait said...

Puzzle: 457
Clock + (Calc * 3(15))=
7 + (10 * 45)-
7 + 450)=457

Anonymous said...

Puzzle:. My answer is 459. My reasoning is as follows. If it is inaccurate, I would appreciate enlightenment.
1. The clocks are not the same. If you use the position of the hands as
numbers, you find that 9 + 9 + 3 = 21
2. The calculators are the same, so 10+10+10 = 30, and one calculator would
equal 10.
3. The second two bulbs cancel each other, so one bulb = 15. 15+15-15=15
4. The order of operations in an equation can be remembered by the acronym
"PEMDAS", meaning that the components of an equation should be solved
in the following order: parenthesis, exponents, multiplication,
division, addition, subtraction. ("Remember the mnemonic "Please
excuse my dear aunt Sally".
6. Therefore,
A. Three light bulbs at 15 each would equal 45
B. 10 X 45 = 450
C. 9 + 450 = 459
D. The equation would be 9 + (10 X (15 X 3))

7. Of course, if you view the three light bulbs as 15 X 15 X 15 instead of
15 X 3, you get a different answer. The equation then becomes:
9 + (10 X (15 X 15 X 15)), although I doubt this is implied by the three

Ralph Henry said...


Stephen Hait said...

Puzzle: Third try
Two different clocks - 9 o'clock (2) and 3 o'clock (1)= 21
So 9 + 9 + 3 = 21
So clocks value based on time
Calculators - all read 1234 total 30
So 1+2+3+4 = 10 * 3 clocks = 30
So Calculator based on sum of numbers in display
Bulbs each have 5 ticks so 5 ticks * 3 = 15
So bulb value = 3 x number of ticks (5 each)
Clock (9 o'clock = 9) + (Calc [1224 - total of digits is 9] * 3 bulbs each with 4 ticks at 3 per tick = 12)
So 9 (clock) + (9 [calc sum of display numbers] * 36 [bulb - 4 ticks at 3/tick * 3 =36])
Or 9 + (9 * 36)
9 + 324 = 333
That's my final answer LOL

Anonymous said...

To the person who answered 387...that was a brilliant analysis. I wrote the 457 comment, and learned to consider further details from your answer instead of thinking things remained the same. That is a good life lesson. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did it the same way as the one who answered 459 above, but my answer is 414 because the calculator has a value of 9 not 10.

Danny Newey said...

A6- That cloud probably weighs thousands of Tons! I'd say AT LEAST 5 thousand for a storm that size!

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