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Saturday, August 15, 2020



It's okay to criticize anything that is blatantly irrational.

I can agree with all of those. Why not? This is what freedom means...if you follow the rules. 

I can criticize no-mask, no social distancing bike rallies...
AND criticize Black Live Matter no-mask demonstrations.
Or Trump political rallies for the same reason.
I find the total disregard for mitigation measures aberrant no matter who perpetrates it.
I can abhor looters who masquerade as protestors.
Aftermath of looting for a family-owned business in Chicago. 
"This is the second time," Mouhammad said. "I've been open for just 40 days, so who will be responsible for this? I deserve the same service as any other citizen in the city. If the police can go somewhere else for manpower, how come we can't get manpower," said the owner of the building. "All sides of town need to be outfitted with the proper resources from the police." 
That is tragic and sickens me. Fuck those larcenous bastards!

But my condemnation of ALL  transgressions against sanity does not appear to be a university accepted practice.

I once talked to a rabidly conservative friend who had nothing but condemnation for anything and everything liberal, AKA Democratic. I asked him if there had ever been a mistake made by conservatives and said..."No."
Now I don't care who you back but infallibility is delusional.
OF COURSE, we have all made mistakes! What is it about conservatives who seem incapable of finding fault in their ranks? I have criticized Bush for the WMD scam; Clinton for perjury; and Obama for doing nothing to save Syria. But Trump deserves a unique source of contempt. The man seems incapable of telling the truth and I take that very personal.

I listen to Fox News and am amazed to hear them all parroting the same catchphrases of their leader like they haven't had an original thought in years.
Like the oft-stated lie that the US is doing a great job with the pandemic. We simply are not. A child can read the numbers and know that.
I can advocate lockdown at the same time I cringe at the possibility of domestic violence being exacerbated. I am aware of the problems but at the same time, I look at the human toll of ignoring a quickly approaching overwhelming pandemic.

I want to remind you of something. In ten or twenty years your grandchild is going to ask, "What did you do during the 2020 pandemic, Grandpa?" And if you are an anti-masker I dare you to be honest enough with the child you love most to say, "I made it worse for everyone."
Don't be stupid...on purpose...please.

Just because black people win a victory does not mean white people lose.
When gay people are allowed to marry it robs straights of nothing.
And when women have absolutely equal rights it takes no rights from men.
Please use your intellect and not your kneejerk partisan reactions.

Which brings me to this nice enough looking guy.
 Here's what he has to say.
 Here's his rationale:

In this rebuttal, I would have used the phrase "OVERWHELMING majority."

Fuck the Russians. 
If you still believe that Putin doesn't have something on Trump, then you haven't been paying attention.

 She did it right and saved her people.

If you haven't been paying attention to the sabotage of the postal service then I implore you to immediately.


Today my wife stopped our mailman and asked it the hoopla over the dismantling of the post office was true. This 20-year veteran said that he had never seen such a backlog and he and his fellow carriers knew it was only going to get worse.
This is happening right in front of our eyes. To be clear there are many states that have been voting 100% by mail for years and there is NOT overwhelming fraud. Mailmen and women are not your enemies. This is a flagrantly fabricated crisis with blatant anti-democratic aims. Trump will lose if old people too afraid of covid to stand in line at a polling place are allowed to vote by mail. He knows that and is doing everything he can to deny them their rights.

 I have another take on this. Why aren't there tutoring services popping up all over the country? You put flyers all over the city advertising your credentials and fees and offer your online services to personally tutor children through a subject they are finding troubling.


 I may be one of the few people who want ALL child rapists punished no matter political persuasion.

I am most proud that I evolved beyond the racism of my Alabama roots.

 A most logical defense against the anarchy of anti-maskers.

 That gimmick is paying off for a few lucky fans.
And, I might add, a masterful marketing ploy.

 I see your point, but hear me out.
In America we have:
About 42,170 women will die from breast cancer every year.
More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways.
33,330 yearly deaths from prostate cancer.
 Almost 40,000 people die from gun-related injuries each year.
We will soon have 250.000 covid deaths. That is more than breast cancer, auto crashes, shootings, and prostate cancer combined and we have only been dealing with it for 5 1/2 months.
Which one of those do you think needs our undivided attention right now?
I call covid-19 an imminent threat with which must be dealt with any and all mitigation measures available to us.



You "researchers" might want to remember that. 

If you endanger your fellow citizens you have forfeited your right to leniency. 




 How can Trumpers rationalize such lunacy? 
You are not THAT stupid.

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