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Thursday, August 13, 2020


One Of My Very Own



There are many people in America who don't know what this is.
It's in my neighborhood.
When we found it during one of our outings I stopped and asked my wife to take a picture of it with her phone. I said, "Go see if it has a dial tone." She screamed, "I'M NOT GOING TO TOUCH THAT THING!"
Good girl.

You would think they would give them boots.




And drugs.

Mickey Mouse in Vietnam is a 16mm underground short movie. The director was Lee Savage (father of Adam Savage), the producer and head designer was Milton Glaser. It features the Disney character Mickey Mouse being shipped to Vietnam during the war. It was produced independently in 1969.


 In 1866, Cyrus W. Field made it possible for North America and Europe to communicate instantaneously for the first time. He succeeded, after two failures, in laying the first durable underwater telegraph cable allowing Transatlantic calls.

I would assume for when your garage doubles as your workshop...

An 8-year-old girl plays game with her postman.

And here's what a document looks like.



My 8-year-old: “Dad, what should I do if a strange man in a white van with no windows offers me candy?”
Me: “Make sure you grab me a Snickers and Reese’s cup."



Remember: Guns don't kill people, gangbangers kill people.
It's no huge mystery. Cities with large slums have more murders. The young men in these slums have no jobs other than selling drugs. Turf size equals profits.
My city tore down all the slums and spread the housing units all over the city. Our gang problem more or less went away.


This motherfuckers has mischievousness written all over him.



Lore has it the soldier was an extra who didn't know about the scene in advance and his efforts not to laugh are genuine. 


I don't think I've seen the ending to this before...
Surround yourself with friends who lift you up. 

How to break your cat.
 Someone won't be making their meth quota this week.

 Is that Trump?

If I was a kitty, I would smack shit off the table too.



 So genetically, does that mean the 4 kids could be considered siblings?

I wonder if Eden had tornados. 
And if not, why not.

I know I've shown you this but his targeting skills need to be shared more than once...


The same thing is happening under my Pee Pipe. 

Huge cows in Indonesia

"What's wrong, Lassie. Take me to Timmy."
Is that just a large rat or is it something else. 

That is breathtakingly beautiful!


Never thought I’d need to say ‘don’t lick the paint’ to a grown woman, yet here we are. Thanks, quarantine.




The look on his face.

[verification needed]



A dad retrieves his kid's stolen bike.


Notice anything odd?
 That's right, feet on the dash is the fastest way to get your knees shoved through your face.

Demon Rum...or Asian female driver

What Happens Next On His First Attempt?

A. He performs perfectly.
B. He falls.
C. His trunks fall down.
 D.  He falls over and over again...and his trunks fall down.

D.  He falls over and over again...and his trunks fall down.










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