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Tuesday, August 18, 2020


One Of My Very Own












Thank you, Mr. Hookie Wearer. 





I concur.

I don't believe you. 


Attitudes like that gave us Donald Trump.



I would like to meet the person who made that sign necessary.

Garlic, onion or leek, cow bile, and wine 










I completely agree. 



No, I kon't.




Olive Garden said “When you’re here, you’re family” so I always bring a family therapist, a lawyer, a young priest, and an old priest with me, in case they are anything like mine.




Hear his friends' guffawing:  

A rare serious item:

Want to hear the scream of the motor?  

This is why we watch the game...

This is my late friend Larry Libby who went to art school with me in the 70s.

This is Eugene Robinson, the Pulitzer Prize columnist seen often on MSNBC.

These two men have something in common.
Allow me to explain.
One of m very first art classes was Drawing 101 held at 8pm. Larry was in that class.
On the last day of class, the old visiting professor asked Larry and me to drop by his apartment that was across the street from the Art Department. We went.
We looked through some of the old professor's work then he said, "Now for the reason that I asked you here." He got very serious as he pointed to me and said, "I'm not worried about you. If you keep working very hard you will make something of yourself." Then he pointed to Larry. "But you have a problem. Your drawings are excellent...maybe the best I've seen at this level. But they could have been done by an 85-year-old white woman. You are NOT an 85-year-old white woman. You are a young black man. You have seen and lived things that only a young black man can see and know."
And with that my friend's art changed.
This is one of Larry's prints titled "Crawfish Hunting." My wife had it hanging on her wall when I met her. It now hangs over my recliner so that I look at it multiple times daily.

Now back to Eugene Robinson. That print over his shoulder was created by Larry Lebby.
His artwork also hung in Obama's White House.

There is another part of the story. The Art Department had a retreat at the lake and Larry, his wife, and his tiny infant daughter were there. My first wife and I were sitting on the dock when Larry walked up and asked if we would hold his daughter while he and his wife went for a swim.
As we played with that beautiful baby we discussed having a baby, deciding that we should.
Flash forward 25 years - I walked into a gallery displaying art by another friend and a beautiful young woman rushed up to me and half-shouted, "YOU'RE RALPH HENRY!" I asked if I had met her before and she said, "No, I've just been keeping up with your mural career since I was a child. I'm Larry Lebby's daughter." 
I hugged her like a long lost child and told her about her causing us to start a family.



"Let's fuck with grandma."

That is one very proud man.  

Recognize him?
He's the Run, Forrest, Run kid. 

Parents having a difficult time homeschooling their kids – I really feel for you. Nothing could have prevented this. Well, except condoms probably.



Rub some dirt on it. 



2020 got birds doing crack



Jeweler's Workbench



Les bouquinistes (used-book sellers) along the banks of the River Seine in Paris, 1939. Bouquinistes have been a Parisian fixture since the 16th century and remain so to this day.

That the Left Bank. I was there and bought two prints.










"It" is a bird. 


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Kranky Old Guy said...

Puzzle Time: Bird - just above center on left - a Parakeet.

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A32 GREAT find

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road apple eagle? all of them

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