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Monday, May 31, 2021

MONDAY #4541

 One Of My Very Own


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I spent all afternoon in my studio with my grandson teaching him some art techniques that very few people know. Once I told him not to worry too much if he colored outside the line and without even looking at me he said, "Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good."

That's one smart kid. He turns six in a few days and he sat and read me rather adult (meaning they were laden with large words) stories for an hour or so.

He also voiced his opinion on which of my dollar art pieces he liked the most and, of course, he will be returning home with them in a couple of weeks.

I also made a couple of dozen book blanks on which he can write the titles then hot glue on the back of his Bookshelf Toy Box when he reads something he feels needs to be added. Tomorrow he will help me sand and paint them with any damn base color he deems appropriate.

God, I love that kid. Many years ago my daughter opined that she was hesitant to bring a child into this fucked up world and I counted that her child may be one of the ones who solve the problems. And with this new life, I think my prophecy may have reached fruition. Yeah, he's that smart.



Never walk out of the restroom sniffing your fingers.



A National Treasure










I actually think every funeral needs all the levity it can get.


I order two neumatic closures for the toy box but I'm not smart enough to install them. Here are just some of the instructions:

"The stuff."
No wonder I had to adjust it four times.


Rage Against the Machine never specified what type of machine we are supposed to be furious with but it's probably a printer.



"Who you gonna believe - me or your lyin' eyes?"


Don't be stupid...on purpose...please.


What Faux "News" does to your brain...

I weep for the future of our country.







And he was fired by Truman.


Imagine a fox who eats the lambs of a flock of sheep. It would be foolish for him to kill all the sheep. But that's exactly what the Vikings did. Not only did they steal all the gold they killed all the monks...the same monks who would replace the gold to be stolen during the next raid.


We won the Cold War by outspending the Soviets and daring them to keep up - and they went broke.



Comments? Seriously.



"Take me out of the game, coach."


Two of the greatest strengths of a nation is a healthy educated citizenry. The US sucks at both of them.


Most people have a real problem in understanding large numbers.


But not every company is suffering...

Be like Buc-ee's.

Note: I think they should have left off all the 0s and just put $15.



Seriously - you can't all have imposter syndrome. Some of you have to be genuinely bad at your jobs.

*I found that a brilliant observation.



Said to be the US Army's new night vision system.

[verification needed]


41 years ago today Mt. St. Helens erupted, triggering one of the largest landslides ever recorded and killing 57 people.

I'm still in awe.



*Mauled not eaten - they are vegetarians.


Wise indeed.


Guess what this is.  I was greatly impressed.

The sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope

Spoiler Alert: We can now add "being fired out of a gun at high speeds" to the growing list of weird things tardigrades can survive.

There must be thousands of such pics online.



Painted Lady

Do any of you remember when I used to periodically post "Painted Ladies"? Back then they were all naked. But that lady could be naked but I doubt it.


NOTE: I've had problems with loading this gif. You may have to open it in another tab.

This took me much too long to identify.


Did you notice the guy who split his scalp open?


So majestic. Such grace.

Maybe there was a mouse under the snow.


Is the girl on the right saying 'Give me mashed potatoes?





That goes back at least 25 years.






The best breasts money can buy.



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