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Sunday, May 30, 2021

SUNDAY #4540

 One Of My Very Own


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I found two people to take Man City for $20 while I only had to put up $10 for the underdogs Chelsea. And that is why I love gambling.



Boy, now that I'm vaccinated I can go back to washing my hands for only EIGHTEEN seconds!



For Our American Viewers: 

How To Mute Gas Pump Ads

My gas pump had CNN News.


Labor shortage - what do you do?




When I shaved for those two weeks a lot of people said I looked like him.



I found out today that the daytime waitress at my bar has not only not been vaccinated but waits on tables without a mask. I had some very harsh words with her. 




That is truer than anything I've seen on the internet in a week.


*I've been asked many times: "What's it like to work for yourself?" I tell them that my boss lets me have the day off if I really need it and he gives me a handjob from time to time.




This is a real sign at a rural convenience store that I saw one time:


TV Repair

Live Bait

Notary Public

I put it in one of my novels as a small side story. The main character goes into the store, looks around, and asked the clerk, "Where are your fireworks?"

"Only before holidays."

"TV repair?"

"He's sick today."

"Live bait?"

"They all died."

"Notary public?"

"I only put that on the sign to draw in customers."

"How has that worked out for you?"

"You're the third one today."











At least one person in the world is sexually attracted to Jar Jar Binks and that pisses me off.



[ A large collection of visuals ]



The enlarged upper levels are due to the building being taxed by the area of the foundation.


British Army Veterans of the Crimean War, 1856.


Pulled pork - nectar of the Gods.


Unpulled pork - also nectar of the Gods.


Owl posing dramatically...


How very wonderful.


Looks fragile, doesn't it?



"Third nest on the right, please."


Golf Cart


I can almost smell that.


Don't. Fuck. Up.


Notice the newspaper boy selling his wares...in traffic.






Removing a parasite from a wasp.








I remember the exact day it dawned on me that I was going to have to do this adult shit for the rest of my life. I was twelve.








Never mix alcohol and stupid fire tricks.





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