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Saturday, May 29, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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My electrician was scheduled to come to my home so I put on pants. Now he canceled and here I am sitting around looking stupid with pants on in my own home.



There must be a type of soil that requires this type of plow.


That a lot of work when you could get the same thing by hanging a porch swing.

And did you notice that he's in a tree farm with straight rows of trees?


67 years ago today, the US Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case, unanimously deciding (9-0) that US public schools could not be racially specific.


But the percentage of adverse effects is tiny.



Iceland's Blue Lagoon



Every boy deserves a dog.


My blog host refused to accept images which, of course, scared the holy shit out of me. I had also lost my preview and couldn't drag and drop images to my desktop and Restart was nonresponsive. So, I got up the nerve to mash that little button, and when it rebooted every single problem was alleviated.


I ain't shit for remembering names but I can remember faces forever. I match up obscure actors from one movie to another all the time.


Ememen is an artist in Lyon, France who repairs damaged sidewalks with beautiful mosaic tiles.

I once created a huge mosaic of people laying on the beach and the towels all had a different pattern like that.

Note: I would love to show you a picture of that mosaic but back then I only took slides. I have thousands and thousands of slides and very few photographs. One day I want to get a converter but that will have to wait.


Dress for the slide, not the ride.


[verification needed]



One of the first images to be widely circulated on the web.



My mind still thinks I'm 25.

My body thinks my mind is an idiot.



*viewer contribution


What must the world think of us?

Someone said that only part of Canada had bagged milk.

[verification needed]


Crane from Kung Fu Panda commits a hate crime.


It was said to be a Wels Catfish.

It didn't look like a catfish to me so I spent a long time tracking it down. And sure enough here's a closeup complete with whiskers.


Do you supposed these required human intervention?


Aptly named.


This is what happens when a whale gets too close to a propeller-driven ship.


As I understand it, there is a big ass cable holding it up.




That thing has babies a big as that woman.


1948 Cadillac Sedanette Custom



The average volume of the ejaculation of a wild boar is 500-1000ml.



I do stuff like this all the time. 

Watching people do things, I mean.

I would be the guy in the red shirt who keeps picking his nose.


A fisherman never notices the fever of rays passing behind him.

"Fever" of rays.


A truck slowly makes its way across the extremely narrow bridge over the Vitim River in  Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia.

This was like a 5-minute video and nothing happened...it just chugged along with nary an incident.


Norwegian Constitution Day

I almost put that in the next section...for reasons that will become obvious.



The same headlines every week:

- police shoot an unarmed black man

- mass shooter bought guns legally

- super-rich men made lots more money







His expression.


My wife asked me if I wanted leftover pizza that had been in the fridge for a while...






*viewer contribution





Amen, sister.


Can I assume that's one political party?




*viewer contribution


Wouldn't you just stand right by the door?


"Ride this bicycle across this cable. It will be fun," they said.

And then they froze.








Watch carefully...



Don't worry, honey, I will be all done in about three minutes.



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Anonymous said...

NO amount of money could have gotten me on that bicycle on the high wire.

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