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Sunday, May 23, 2021

SUNDAY #4533

 One Of My Very Own


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Not all German Shepherds are dogs.



This library hung a Dewey Decimal reference sign for “everything you want to know, but don’t really want to ask."

How very thoughtful.








I don't get it. Anybody?








Here's a comment left on that site:

Have police officers pay their own insurance. Example:

30k salary and it costs the city 10k a year to ensure the officer then pay them 40k.

Training reduces the premium. Bad behavior raises it. Good behavior is rewarded with lower rates. Still have the blue wall but you are responsible for your actions.


A hundred years from now history will proclaim putting young people 100s of thousands of dollars in debt for a degree will be our nation's greatest mistake.




One minute you are young and fun and the next minute you are enjoying a conversation about air fryers.




I take a lot of pills. A couple of them are huge and I loathe them.


Old news but still funny.




Did you notice the little grimace and then the ball adjustment?




Don't you hate it when that happens?



If you see it smoking...RUN!

This only took seconds...

And at one point the flames were huge.


And then he just acted like nothing had happened.



If snails are so slow how come nobody sees them coming? It's always like bam, there's a snail.







🎶On the hiiiiighway on the byyyyyyway...🎶

Remember these children from Oh Brother Where Art Thou?


Abandoned factory for the manufacture of porcelain and earthenware. Ukraine

The factory, which had been in operation for almost 120 years, stopped production in 2006.

I posted that because of these glazes.

You should be very careful eating from dishes with glazes like that.


Israel's Iron Dome system intercepting Hamas rocket barrage.

Here's an action shot...

Here's a better action shot...

Palestinian rockets (r to l) intercepted over Tel Aviv.

The rockets’ red glare? The bombs bursting in air?

A massive crowd celebrating the surrender of Germany in Times Square, New York City, on May 7, 1945.

Think of the joy in the street after the killing of Osama Benladen. Now multiply that by 1000.



I think the man is also made of balloons.


What about a married one?


"What do you want me to paint?"

"A pear."

"A pair of what?"



"My new job will have me traveling 100% of the time. Since I'm not rich I figured I would at least put some effort into making small tips for housekeeping."

A man after my own heart. I even have little envelopes just like that.


This interaction is very touching.





🎶Oh, he never returned, 

no, he never returned 

and his fate is still unknown.🎶






Why not just use a rope?




Anonymous said...

A8: those are awesome! In fact, my son and I were just playing with something very similar last week.

Inchworm said...

A8 a popular toy of the era was a disk that you pushed the center in, placed it on a hard surface, and in a few seconds it would pop back to its original shape, propelling itself up in the air.

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