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Monday, May 24, 2021

MONDAY #4534

One Of My Very Own


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NOTE: Last Saturday I mistakenly posted the last pictures of the finished toy box. I regret the error immensely.  But life must go on. 

Therefore the next "updates" will be more like a tutorial of "how I did it".

I'm getting very close to attaching the books. One more coat of clear coat to go.

I even attached a couple of decorative cleats to the back for when my grandson uses it as a coffee table.

Now let me introduce you to a few of my new best friends.

Here's the stain I mixed myself to give it an antique look without being so dark that it competed with the black background.

Stain gloves and stain rag...

I have two different styles of electric sanders but there are times handwork is required. I like this one because it stays flat, it's comfortable to hold, and the pads replace easily.

Getting rid of sawdust is a real hassle. I've about worn out my brush.

Between coats of clear coats, I smooth it all out with lots of steel wool.

Then I wipe it down with tack cloths. 

This is my clear coat of choice because it dries so quickly.

And even as careful as I've been I missed an area with the stain not once but twice. I caught it on the third coat.

At least it will be hard to see since it faces the rear.

I did something really smart. All the tools and devices I used from all over the studio, office, and garage storage I placed on my rolling cart so that when I'm all done I just wheel it around to offload the wares.

If you would like to purchase one of these Bookshelf Toy Boxes for your grandchild I have tallied my expenses, my hours of hard labor, and mental and emotional energy and the total comes to $1,328,356.00...cash...upfront.

I also bought my grandson a T-shirt to wear while he reads...




Second person in the Bible: _ _ O _

Foreign correspondent: _ E _ _ A _

What's at the center of many court battles?: _ _ _

Kick starter: _ _ I _ _ O _

They have big mouths: _A_ S 

Bar rooms: _E_ _ S

One might be sworn: _ _E_ _

Go after: _ _ _

Were running mates: _ _ O _ _ _


I'm not saying my wife is uninformed but she studied for her Covid Test.




The facial expression...on both of them.


Not so fast, Allthemuches...



- Please inform Steven Hawking of my apologies for not making it to his party.

- An exact replica of the Pioneer 10 plaque, except pointing to another star system.

- Epstein didn't kill himself.



Don't you hate it when geneticists turn mean?



You're welcome.



Can someone figure out what is going on in this video? I have so many questions which I fear have no answers.


In the cockpit of a F/A-18 Super Hornet

My ex-brother-in-law was a fighter pilot in the navy. He couldn't sail with his ship and it was decided that after his plane was fixed he would meet up with it in the Mediterranean and make his first carrier landing at night...alone. He crashed to his death.

At the funeral, I asked if he had any life insurance and his widow with two children said, "No. He told me that he didn't want to make my next husband rich."

What a guy.



Talking on the phone with someone who has kids is like talking to someone with Tourettes.



A place to buy beer without even getting out of your car.

There was an old barn set up like that in Kentucky. You drove in one door and out the other and someone would put the beer in your trunk.

But in Georgia, I hung out in a bar with a take-out window for mixed drinks.


Roswell, New Mexico

That incident was the best thing to happen to Roswell. They have milked this alien bullshit just about as far as it can be milked.



A river flood line that left its mark.



The Crowley Lake Stone Columns, California created by eons-old volcanic activity.

And it amazes me that some people know exactly how that came to be.


Lookout Mountain, Georgia

You can see 7 states from this point.

"See, indeed."


Salem Massachusetts

The oldest house in America.

It was built in 1660.

Fortine, Montana

A full-scale Stonehenge replica.


Lewes, Delaware

An optical illusion cabin.

I'm thinking it's two-dimensional.


Denver, Colorado

A 40-foot bear statue peeking into a building.

Imagine working in "that" window.



Fossilized dino footprints.

Had that been me I am sure I would have become emotional.



I knew a man who put powdered milk in his milk so he could drink more milk per milk.



Pickled pigs parts.

Here in the South, most people were (are) poor and poor people don't throw any part of the animal away.


During WWII there were probably servicemen doing that all day every day.


I saw both of those movies! It is not a point of pride.


CME impacts the earth's magnetosphere.


1kg tungsten

That one little cube weighs as much as the Peanut M&Ms my wife eats in a single sitting.


All planets in front of the Sun would look like this.


Radius measuring gauge

That would come in handy for cutting custom-made glass tabletops.



This guy has been at it again...

My favorite...


Using disabled people to disguise antihomeless amenities is a new low.

I mean there is plenty of room for a wheelchair on both ends of the bench.


I once tried to write a book about dolphins for young people that required lots of pictures. I can confirm the truthfulness of his assessment.


Maybe just for stabbing? Like an ice cycle?


A scientist friend who was on the Voyager team once asked me what I would do with the $5M spent annually to collect and analyze Voyager signals. I suggested it be spent on Mars research. He counters with this gem of wisdom: "Everything we have sent to Mars has looked at a rock and sent back that it is just like every other rock it had picked up. But every bit of data from Voyager is new data. Even if nothing happens we now know that in that section of interstellar space nothing happens."


These machines fascinate me.

I bet that operator makes a fucking fortune.


I bet that thing is very stable.


I only showed you that after noticing the son watches his dad the little guy duplicates his behavior exactly. Just like humans.


Do you want a balcony full of bird shit? Cause that's how you get a balcony full of bird shit.



Second person in the Bible: THOU

Foreign correspondent: PENPAL

What's at the center of many court battles?: NET

Kick starter: SCISSOR

They have big mouths: BAYS (I put BASS)

Bar rooms: CELLS

One might be sworn: ENEMY

Go after: SUE

Were running mates: ELOPED



Let me know how that works out for you.



I'm going to assume that was NOT approved by corporate.



And that cyclist was so thrilled to be on TV.







Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:

Robin said...

Puzzle Time: The drink revealed by changing letters is CAVA.

Spade and Think become Space and Thick

Cherp and Greet become Cheap and Great

Lease and Curly become Leave and Curvy

Squid and Clock become Squad and Cloak

Anonymous said...

C14: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-f8iaIw9HGtA/YJwq907aaII/AAAAAAAGqGI/OJds0MXFU-ca3zLJrrrWtJ0oRF6WcGwAgCLcBGAsYHQ/w512-h640/wTb5bfS.gif

Anonymous said...

Crossword: I came up with bass, too. The only other one I got was cells. Love when you add these.

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