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Thursday, May 27, 2021


One Of My Very Own



I'm so close I can smell it. All I have left to do is install the closure device that aids in opening and closing.

I opted for five strap hinges because I know how rough a small boy can be.

I've mounted his book to the lid.

I secreted a hundred-dollar bill under the book. He gets it when he finishes half the suggested titles. I've included easily removable screws to facilitate his reward.

The other books were arranged like I wanted them then one by one they were carefully lifted away and after drilling holes for screws, I hot glued the books in place.

With them secured in place, I screw them from the inside out.

Well, with no further ado I present my grandson's sixth birthday present.

My wife posted some images of it on Facebook and one woman went nuts over Mein Kampf. 

I contend that there is no such thing as bad knowledge. Knowing what Hitler had to say does not equate with agreeing with him.

Further, ignorance makes you more vulnerable to despots.

I only rue one decision and that is placing three gray books with similar fonts abutting one another.

I decided to include a quart can of stain to give you a sense of scale. It's a big ass box.


After a day or two off I must start a to-do list as long as my arm. It includes everything from oiling a lock to going to the dentist from laying pavers in my parking areas to bringing in an electrician for at least three full days of work around my home, garage, and studio. If the toy box taught me anything it is that I don't have near enough outlets in my studio.

Thanks for allowing me to share this experience with you. Maybe one day my grandson will read it and know how much I love him.


Pricing paper shredders and the wife wants to buy the kind used for abandoning an embassy in fifteen minutes.



The time for this has come.


Evil men only triumph when good men do nothing. I think that also applies to stupidity.

A few sites in which you may have an interest.


I've never cared much for tradition. It's like long-dead people insisting you follow the rules they made...without your input. Neckties are just silly and should be phased out immediately.



How does one tell the difference between a fully vaccinated person and a not vaccinated person?

Ask them who won the election.







If sharks stop swimming they die. Which sounds incredible until you realize that we human will do the same thing in the ocean.



Me coming out of staythefuckathome with all the stupid shit I ordered online.


Somebody stole my true story of MY friend! Only my friend was in the Marines during WWII.

Henry Cho is a comedian who also tells this story.



Mac Jones was the Alabama quarterback.


That's why you have two grandmas.

Someone's grandma looks like Harvey Keitel. 


What a legend.


My answer to the question "Would you like a receipt" is based on absolutely nothing and changes with my mood.





Christopher Lloyd And Christopher Walken In Stage Production Of MacBeth in 


Lloyd is playing Banquo and Walken is Macbeth


Snorkeler finds wedding ring stuck on fish ...

That one is married but there are many more fish in the sea.

Israel's Iron Dome in action to intercept rockets fired from Gaza.

It's only a matter of time till they have lasers to do the same thing, at that point they would hit the rockets soon after they are launched.

*That is a remarkable photograph.


The guy's hobby is photographing forgotten places.

And he's very good at it.

Several times I was given a room in a closed school for my studio. I salvaged as many artifacts as I could.

I found this on a stage just like the one above.

Also, notice that chair. It's made of twisted boiled cornhusks.


I want to run this by you again because I have a question.

Look at the pattern under the dice. Why do you suppose it has that?


Can we assume that is a very clear pool?


"This is a picture of my baby sister on her wedding day, just a month ago. The man she’s talking to was one of her very best friends, and a much-loved father figure. 2 weeks after this was taken, he passed unexpectedly, leaving her (and many others) devastated. Although she knew him since she was a little kid, this is the only picture they have together. If someone would be kind enough to remove some of the distractions from the background, it would be hugely appreciated."

And only one guy got a little goofy...


Dragon Eye, a metamorphic rock formation, was found in a stone mine in Lancashire, England





The morphing obituary:

He died from exposure.

To a shark.

A loan shark.

With covid-19.



When I graduated from high school my parents told me they would buy me a car for $1000. My mother found this from a private seller.

My father said no fearing it would cost too much in maintenance. He wanted to buy me one of these.

I compromised with one of these.

At least it had room enough for intercourse...if you were agile enough...which I was.


I only did something like that once. On the back of my truck, I made a sign that read: My other car is an Alfa Romeo. 


Landing a helicopter on a small ship in rough sea.

There has GOT to be a computer that would do that.


Autorotation, low rotor RPM incident, avoiding death by inches

What Happens Next?

A. He falls and breaks all the beer.

B. Falling he breaks beer.

C. The beer is broken after falling.

D. All of the above.




It amazes me how many people think a high-speed car will handle like a low-speed car.


Most people don't realize how very dangerous that is.


The real hero is the guy that laid out that rope so perfectly.

The standing wave in the rope is awesome!


This is the way India manages its rail system...

Now imagine how it is managing the pandemic.




I wonder how many people get spit on.














Anonymous said...

D8: Even so, look at the numbers. They're doing a whole lot better than we were/are. Yes they have three and a half times more people than we do.
We still have them beat hands down in total cases, total deaths, and total f****** idiocy.

We had a choice. They really don't. Yet we still outnumber them by double in deaths.

Anonymous said...

A2: just very recently a "prominent" flat Earther finally said that the Earth is indeed a globe. The proof was in one of the most simple videos you could have ever imagined. And no, it wasn't any photo from space. Why it took so long for this simple proof to come forward is mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

D2: I seem to recall a purple truck with a bumper sticker that said " hey I'm color blind ".

Anonymous said...

Love the toy box Ralph. You are a very talented young man ...

Anonymous said...

Toy box is magnificent! Thanks so much for sharing it in so much detail!

Ralph Henry said...

I haven't been called a young man in a long, long time.

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