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Friday, June 4, 2021

FRIDAY #4545

One Of My Very Own


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Another day in paradise...



Now that I'm vaccinated I feel like my old self again - inadequate, insecure, paranoid, neurotic...



My number one advisor believes that all human travails can be traced to the idea that an individual could own a piece of the Earth. I think about that a lot.


I strongly advise you to buy that boy a mutt from the pound.

No purebred can love as much.


Many of the Rodney King LA rioters in 1992 were set free with the exact same defense.



Remember when stupid people kept their mouths shut for fear of ridicule? Now they get elected to Congress.


If you like pickles but don't like cucumbers you actually like vinegar more than cucumbers.



I went to school for 11 years in Alabama and at the start of each day, they literally prayed every morning over the intercom system. They never demanded a permission slip for that.


And I say that when Medicare for All is enacted then the employer's share of your insurance should be added to your pay.



This a product review...or so I'm told:



Almost all the people who say university degrees are overrated don't have a university degree.

And all of them use the monetary trade-off as a basis.

Is there anyone out there that agrees with me that the real reward of education has nothing to do with earning money?


This is her first sweater.

I sure wish I had learned how to do that while my fingers still worked.



We have the metric system. It's measured in militants. There's 1.60934 total cunts to the imperial Karen.

[verification needed]


Remember, you parents are not only bigger than they are but you are smarter than they are.


Abandoned Cemetery

The people who stand to make lots of money from funerals have convinced most people it is necessary. It. Is. Not. It is one of the biggest 'because we've always done it that way' scams in history.



Driving down the street toward my house my wife said, "It's up there on the left." That's how much the woman likes giving me instructions.



I only included that because I'm a beard guy.


Would someone please explain to me what just happened?


How clever.


Want to guess what this is?


A yawning hamster.


Pornhub has ruined me...


He doesn't look like a man you would want to argue with.



Women testing machine guns in WWII.

Without women, the modern US military would collapse. That's not an opinion that is a fact.




Left long enough those bags will harden into concrete. I think that is a brilliant solution...no form, no mixing, not even the cleaning of tools.


There are mothers then there are aunts...



Is that just an easy way to exercise your dog or is it abject cruelty?


I'm thinking they included that one tiny peek at her bathing suit to satisfy the censors.


Watch carefully...


Now that is abject cruelty.



My favorite part of racing scenes in movies is when someone notices they are behind so they just decide to go faster.



Did you notice all the parasails - or whatever - on the horizon? Kind of looked like AA flack.


I wonder if the occupants were affected.


An excellent find...

That reminds me of the 1948 GMC pickup that a hunter spotted in a barn. The owner's widow said her husband bought it new and drove it until he died in 1978. She also said it had never been driven out of the county. The hunter pumped up the tires and replaced the battery and it cranked right up. I bought it from the hunter for $500.


Spraying a boat with a superhydrophobic coating reduces water resistance and increases its speed.


Only if it has an elevator.


Banana Harvest



I also learned to ALWAYS look both ways at an intersection even if you have the green light.

I have avoided at least 4 accidents by doing that.


*viewer contribution








For every action...



Who goes swimming wearing glasses?


Find Three Differences



NOTE: I found a box of old photos and feel the need to share. They are of awful quality but I did the best I could.

The '56 VW convertible is my most favorite car. I bought it in Germany for $450 in 1968.

 The white streaks are from the gloss on the photo that was curled up the shape of a roll of dimes.


Anonymous said...

A13: I have a college degree that I paid for myself and earned at the age of 34. To this day, I still believe it was the biggest waste of time and money that I have ever spent.
I've been gainfully employed every day of my life. Not one employer has ever asked for proof of my education. Then again, I've only had two job changes since earning the degree.
With that said, if my job wasn't heavily based on math things might be different. An employer finds out very quickly whether or not you have what it takes.

I definitely don't feel more "enlightened".

Thorhees21 said...

Three differences:
her watch is missing.
The dowel on the chair is missing.
The star on the flag in the background is missing.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: watch, chair back part, pavers

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Anon A13, Did you not take any classes in the humanities? Art, music, philosophy? If so, what were you takeaway? Was learning about your culture unenlightening?

Burgervan said...

C11: Corby was mentioned during the Apollo 13 fingamyjig. google it.

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