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Sunday, June 6, 2021

SUNDAY #4547

 One Of My Very Own

*Another one I'm not proud of.


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Guess who this is all grown up.

It's Newt from Aliens.

I'm glad she hasn't missed many meals.

Seriously. I like well-fed women.

Due to the excellent advice from a viewer, I found Aliens on Prime. What threw me was that they were for rent but when I clicked on it they informed me it was free for Prime members.

During this viewing, I learned that this was the editor.

One of my favorite characters in a novel I wrote was named Lovejoy. I knew a guy named Lovejoy when I was a teenager. I Googled him and sent him a copy of the book. He's an insurance agent now in the same town in which he grew up.

And then there was the obligatory underwear scene...

And I guess that acid for blood thing was quickly forgotten by the writers when she was exploding them at close range at the end of the movie.


English actress Helena Bonham Carter, 52

Remember this from yesterday?

Does this lady look like she gives a shit about what you think about her wearing the same dress twice?

How many of her movies can you name?


Google tells me that Johnny Knoxville is one of the Jackass guys.


Let me repeat - what do you think the US would do if the fleeing Confederates had taken over the US Virgin Island and were STILL THERE?!?

Cause that's exactly what happened on the island of Taiwan. I think China has been remarkably patient under the circumstances.




The silliest bullshit in movie history is that people with advanced technologies periodically resort to sword fights to resolve conflicts.


"I'm a huge fan of Marvin Gaye and especially that album. I did a Photoshop a few years back 'cos his collars reminded me of The Count from Sesame Street!" 

*viewer contribution


At least he didn't waste the money.


Youtube has forever altered what it means to be famous.



Most of the problems at Hogwarts could have been solved by adding a few security cameras in the hallways.




What makes it funnier is that very old people are asked to decipher it.


A supreme master at playing 'What If' and meticulously writing it all down.




I'm a smile guy.

I will overlook a whole lot if a woman has a great smile. The best of them smile with their whole face. My wife does that and she does it often.


Gloveboxes of yore...



I know you believers aren't allowed to ask questions, but if you were try this one: What do you think should happen to a teacher whose students failed year after year? Would you automatically blame the students? Well, God designed the whole education system, and twice all of the students failed. I say he could have done much better if he didn't have such a big ego.


Think Anti-maskers...

Anti-vaxxers: "Hold my beer."




For many of them, this is their idea of a retirement plan.



Everybody hates cold coffee but many people love iced coffee.





This bridge joining the two sides of the city...

I find engineering like that breathtaking.


Le Louvre

That is what Mona Lisa sees every day of her miserable fucking life.

That's a place I will never visit...again.

My camera's flash accidentally went off and a half dozen guards - both uniformed and plainclothed - were on me like ducks on a June bug.


Slot Canyon, Arizona

The power of water over time.


I'm not sure he had to be trained to do that.


Look very carefully.

The wall looks like it is made of stones of similar shape but not size. Can any of you smart people explain that to me?


How very thoughtful.


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Art. He lives all around you...if you will take the time to look for him.

*I got that and several other items in today's post from an old post from 2012.


Chongqing Bridge Houses.

Houses and shops have been built on a 400-meter long bridge, half of which are Chinese-style buildings and half of which are western-style buildings. Chongqing, China. You can take the elevator up to view the bridge as well as the Chongqing Opera House.

But what's up with this end?


I'm not sure the operator can even see the bottom of the pit.



Birds are just named stuff like Hotbreasted Milf and no one does anything about it.



Minding you own business - Level 1000.


Minding you own business - Level 2000.

Open Me

A kid after my own heart.


I was an accident-prone kid. When I got my head almost shaved in the military the numerous scars made my scalp look like a road map.

My brother used to say that if all my stitches fell out at one time I would fall completely apart.

(*that photo is not my scalp)


That is the way my wife reacts when I pull my dick out in the Publix parking lot.

*That's what I mean by smiling with her whole face.


You Photoshop guys know what to do...


I would introduce that little bastard to Mr. Baseball Bat and knock him into next Tuesday.


Tourist gets bluff charged by a bear in Yellowstone National Park after getting too close.

A missed chance to cleanse our gene pool.


He's going the wrong way on a six-lane road.

I did that once. I pulled out of a rural motel before sun up and about shit when I realized my error. The signs all facing the wrong way were a dead giveaway.


I'm thinking he could have made it if he had been allowed to enter in the middle.




You might want to enlarge it.


I've done that a hundred times.




Go back and notice how both the cat and the dog just stand there and stare at it.






Remember that test tube dollar piece my wife wanted to put in the kitchen? Well, it sits on the table between me and the TV. I look at it daily and it bugged the shit out of me that the test tubes weren't absolutely straight. So I added an auxiliary wire grid to align them all.


David said...

I have to take issue with that statement on abortion. It assumes that women have no power when in fact they do.
A woman can decide to have an abortion without my consent? Her body right?
A woman can decide AFTER an encounter that it was rape.
A woman can decide that she doesn't want the father to be in the child's life.
When I got divorced (she cheated) there was never a question of child support, just how much I had to pay. And I had to basically sue to establish my rights as a father. I have half custody and I pay her child support and she makes more money than me.
It took a long time to draw the lines on the map, as it were. Its fun to blame old white men for everything but an 18 year old girl can bring down a president.

I feel that I should say that I do support reproductive rights for women. But I am not evil because I am a man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the bit on FreddieMercury as he was an icon.
Here's a bit of info most don't know:
Freddie Mercury likely had a hereditary dental condition that left him with four extra teeth in his mouth. This crowded the rest of his teeth and resulted in his front teeth being pushed forward.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:. D=rt. Solve for t
Convert everything to feet.
5280 + 2640 +1200 = distance in feet
Convert 40 mph to feet fer second = rate

Plug into above equation : t= d/r

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