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Monday, June 7, 2021

MONDAY #4548

 One Of My Very Own


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I know how to catch an Electric Eel. You put a wad of vinegar-soaked bread on a hook. What happens next will shock you.



Model Jumper Final

"I added that Model Falling over to a Long Jump pic!" 

*viewer contribution




I only posted that because of the picture Today in Science selected to illustrate the article.






*That's the way I was concerning my beer.


My nephew did that at a family reunion with one of his testicles.


Yeah, my wife suggested doing something similar with dog shit and I asked her if she really wanted to piss off known criminals who know where she lives and skulks around at all hours of the night?


The only tip come-on that actually worked was having two jars - each labeled with a rival college football team. In my case, it was South Carolina and Clemson but it should work elsewhere.




*viewer contribution


It's always funnier when it happens to a Socialist.


His face milking the scene for all its worth.


This is funny only in a twisted Schadenfreude sort of way...



My dick is a tracking device!?

*That segues comfortably into my next item.


Did Mrs. Incredible have labor pains birthing her 3 kids or did she feel her water break, stretch her uterus to the size of a camping tent so the doctor could just walk in and pick up the baby off her pelvic floor and call it a fucking day?




Elvis is alive, a fake moon landing, a flat Earth, etc while being extraordinarily stupid doesn't really harm anyone. But avoiding any mitigation measures to combat an airborne pandemic is literally deadly.

And this is not new. We have had several tutorials.

That photo is from 1905 and was taken during a diphtheria epidemic at Ullevål hospital in Oslo. Infectious diseases abounded, especially where people lived in cramped conditions. These women were visiting hospitalized relatives and had to stay outside to avoid becoming infected.


But it wasn't all Americans, was it? It was Republicans wanting to own the libs.


That seems to be a rather powerful firearm. I can remember qualifying with an M16 and being amazed at its light recoil - it was only slightly more than a 22.

Anyway, you're welcome.


Super-extreme Cockfighting?

I haven't a clue. Anybody? 


Some of the children who attended my school with Dylan Roof were from the literal ghetto and picked on him. Even that doesn't excuse his racism.


I've always like shots like those.



I'm on your side, Mr. Tree.


*I'm confused as to how the food chain works in Australia.


I would try that and be leerier of the sauce than the octopus.


Believe it or not, I really liked the Mexican frozen dinners (upper right), although all the entrees tasted exactly the same. Never would I feed a child of mine one, however.



Spock did a mind-meld with Gracie, so now there's a whale that knows Starfleet security codes.



Astronauts will examine the molecular biology of the water bears to look for signs of any immediate and long-term adaptations to life in low-Earth orbit – which subjects daring space travelers to the rigors of zero gravity and increased radiation exposure.


The traditional semi-subterranean dwelling of the North American Arctic and subarctic peoples.

Notice the entrance passage. A tunnel of sorts that must have a specific function...predator deterrence?


Think of all the advantages of ancient humans living near the ocean.

You could literally pluck a meal right out of the water.

And with a little ingenuity, you could travel by anything floatable up and down the coast.

Plus you have a bathtub right outside your door.


The Escher-esque Stairs of Reconciliation in Graz, Austria (1499)

Imagine designing that without blueprints and such. I would think it prudent to make a scale model out of wood to make sure it would work.


Ingenuity Just Survived an Unexpected in-Flight Anomaly on Mars!

It was a problem with a camera used for orientation.

It survived unscathed.


A repost worth sharing again.


A modernized image of Cleopatra VII, with Artbreeder

The portrait here is based on 3 busts and a contemporary depiction of Cleopatra VII, while the depiction of Cleopatra VII as a redhead is based on a fresco from Pompeii.

*I almost didn't recognize her without a dick in her mouth.


The Carrington Event of 1859

The Carrington Event was a powerful geomagnetic storm on September 1–2, 1859. A solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetosphere and induced the largest geomagnetic storm on record. The associated "white light flare" in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by British astronomers. The storm caused strong auroral displays and wrought havoc with telegraph systems. Some telegraph operators got a huge electrical shock. 

A storm that powerful today would cause widespread blackouts and kill some grids.

*Just something else to worry about.





I laughed out loud...again!









In 1986 the Challenger Disaster claimed the life of Ronald McNair from my hometown of Columbia, SC. Within weeks I made one of my few cold calls to sell a mural.

The site was a huge grain elevator that can be seen for miles. So I created these overlays to show the owners what the finished mural would look like and then scheduled an appointment.

They more or less laughed me out of their office. Come to find out the whole fucking family is widely known for their racism. The Confederate memorabilia adorning their walls should have been a tip-off.


Anonymous said...

Your Font is now too small. I don't like squinting, so I ended up scrolling past most of your posts.

Scott James said...

A9: and the framed photo hung on the wall for years before anyone noticed. And when it was finally noticed, it was decided to just leave the photo on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: cherry damson

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