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Wednesday, June 2, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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A friend of mine made this from one of my recently posted images.





*I had to look her up.



Excellent advice.


I only posted that because it's the only skeleton I've ever seen with a beard and mustache.





Try naming his movies with just the costumes.



Next time somebody tells you criticizing Israel is the same as antisemitism, tell them they're wrong.



When people give me compliments I feel like a vending machine trying to accept a wrinkled dollar bill and it's just frustrating for everyone involved.



Perfectly looped gif...



A Scuba diver gets spooked by a submarine.

Some say it is drug smugglers while others say it a tourist sightseeing boat similar to a glass-bottom boat.


The drive from Lancaster to Columbia, SC has several vistas like this. My daughters and I would guess the exact distance to the farthest hilltop then use the odometer to see who won.


A guy invented linear chess.

The moves seem pretty much straightforward.


I've dated girls uglier than that.


Rare sighting of a blue whale. The largest living animal on planet Earth.


Every teenage boy when told his girlfriend's parents aren't home.




Or you could just do it the old-fashioned way and get yourself a...



Fun for the whole family!


This guy 3D-Printed a set of 20 Fallout Vault Boy Bobbleheads and placed them throughout Los Angeles County.

A man after my own heart.


You can buy European architectural details like this in Atlanta, GA.

They just rip them out of old European houses and ship them over here for auction.

Red Baron Auctions is the name of the place I visited a couple of times. Here's their catalog:





Notice crow stealing a missed slice.



Think of how cocky the plastic bag under you sink that gets to hold all the other plastic bags must feel.



Why in the name of all that's sane would Anthony Fauci want to control your dumbass? What exactly is his motive?

A huge percentage of crap detectors in America are defective.


You can tell a lot about a person by reading their car.


Cigarettes - yes.

Vaccine - no.

That looks expensive.


"I never ask."

 I asked my tattoo guy about shit like that and he told me he never corrects anybody for anything. I asked if he saw a misspelled word why he wouldn't at least tell them. He said it wasn't his job. His job was to put your chosen design into you flesh - not proofread or edit.^^C5^^


Have you ever wondered how they make flatbread?


That guy couldn't define communism on a bet.


Dance like no one is watching...



The way to own a guy who takes off his shirt to fight is to pick it up and put it on.



Andre the Giant Big Show Paul Wight




Hydraulic Bearing

633-kilogram granite sphere floats on a 6psi water jet at the Question in Canberra.


What's the white stopper-looking thing?



Swan who lost her eggs to floods and foxes for 10 years has a 2021 clutch saved by a man building them a raft.

How come the swan didn't think of that 9 years ago?


The first rule of auto racing - don't panic.


This is Tyler Wesley, 9 years ago, after a car accident, doctors told him there was very little chance he’d walk again.


This is Barak the chef that looks right into the camera lens as he works.

But not always flawlessly...



4 hours into an 8-hour flight from Spain to NYC, a child suffered an asthma attack and his medicine was accidentally in a checked bag. Fortunately, a pioneer of robotic surgery was on board, and Dr. Khurshid Guru was able to MacGuyver a nebulizer.

By the time the plane landed, the kid's oxygen saturation had risen from 88% to 95%, and the child was playing with his mother.


Cocaine + sugar water = Coke


But it really bothers me that the wood grain doesn't match.


Low-tech perfection...













Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time:. Cookie

Anonymous said...

D4: they have one of those on the corner in front of Ripley's Believe it or not in Gatlinburg Tennessee.
You can rotate it and twist it any direction you want, they don't mind if you play with it.

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