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Saturday, July 3, 2021


One Of My Very Own


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Crockpots are just electric cauldrons.





*If you read that "Whore Members" we are probably already friends.
















And that adman knew exactly what he was doing. Bench seats were made for sex.



I would like to publicly thank my wife for forgiving me of my frequent fuckups - like being an insensitive oaf.





How dare you mock me...


It was stated the dog stood like that for an hour.


Speaking of...





He's sitting on the bench crosswise.


Carry on as if nothing happened.



Christina Clemons qualified for the Olympics wearing Cool Ranch Doritos earrings.


While I was playing Pony League, a professional baseball pitcher can give us some tips. He left us with this gem that I've never forgotten: "You want to work for a living or play for a living?"


"I don't believe Hellen Keller is real." ?????????


All the craziness started when that giant turd flew by Earth in 2017...


I couldn't agree more.





I enjoy a glass of wine each night for its health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves.




A jig to align labels on candle jars...

I also learned that they use this device to hold the wick until the wax hardens.





Player 3 has entered the game...


What do you see?


Here, let me help you...


I mistakenly thought it was from WWII but it's the 1960s or so.

Now THAT is how you bury a farmer.


Impressive political ad for the newcomer to Arkansas governor's race goes viral.

He has an A-class ad agency.


Ricardo Montalbán and Tattoo (played by Hervé Villechaize) of Fantasy Island.

"Rich Corinthian leather!"

(BTW there is no such thing as Corinthian leather.)

Then that magnificent bastard did this...


Making smoked paper for recording seismic movements with a fine needle




Renewing Stadium Seats


Just like tens of thousands of very similar paintings.


*MNBT = May was not true







There are thousands of examples online showing why you should not do that...

Yet here we are.



"I've never come this way before."




This is a mural I painted about the signing of the peace treaty between the British and the Cherokee Nation. The British wanted to have it signed at their headquarters in Charleston, SC. The Cherokee wanted to sign it in Ashville, NC where their chief lived. They decided to meet halfway and that was Saluda, SC. I was called in to document it from old descriptions of the scene. And they were quite specific that the Cherokee arrived painted from head to foot in bright red pigment.

I refused to depict the "Indians" with bright red skin. We compromised to paint all of their bodies red except their faces...note arms and legs.

BTW The historians took me to a stretch of the original Cherokee Trail that led from Ashville to Charleston and I was most impressed. I've mentioned it to you fine people on numerous occasions.

It is sunken due to the millions of footfalls.


Anonymous said...

C1 - Soooooo, you're saying I should ask the Taliban to kill my dad?

Anonymous said...

c12 - The 21st day of the 21st week? what planet is this referring to?

Ralph Henry said...

C12 - I wondered how many people would pick up on that.

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