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Saturday, July 17, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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A couple of weeks ago I bought a gross of masks cheap because I knew we would fuck this up.




Got kicked out of the grocery store again for re-enacting the pottery scene from Ghost with a wheel of cheese. I dunno, maybe don’t play Unchained Melody on the loudspeaker and we won’t have this problem.




And ordinary people honestly think they discovered things that all the experts in the world have missed.


Taking pictures of fireworks is one of the stupidest things you can do.

You are not marveling at the bright exploding chemicals filling the sky. You are watching pixels move across a tiny screen.


I can count on one hand how many episodes of reality shows I have watched. I was insulted and truly believe that you should be also.


*viewer contribution

Note the hat.


I've often wondered why washing machines and dishwashers didn't have 5-gallon reservoirs for soap and stuff and just self-feed it in during the cycles.


*I looked a long time for this movie on the 4th of July. It seemed only appropriate. They had a Die Hard marathon instead, which was okay.


Speaking of movies...


*Many of the images in the post came from just after the 4th of July.


Well, I think after our participation in WWI and II we have paid off the debt.




Here is one way people cope with staythefuckathome...

Here is another...




Let me get this straight: Rumpelstiltskin gives you a ton of gold, saves your life, AND takes your firstborn off your hands and he’s a bad guy?



A most famous bar tab...


*viewer contribution


Arctic Henge in Iceland

Does it bother anyone else that the tip is missing from the second one?


I used to feed fish in a pond. The bream would get as large as a diner plate. And the rules for registering the biggest fish with the wildlife people do not specify whether it was caught in the wild as it were or in a pond where they are fed daily. I found that odd.


Yes, I have taken naughty Polaroids many times.


*viewer contribution

Her face.


This bathroom with a bed was listed as a ‘micro studio’ for $680/mo in Vancouver.


Murphy desk

But why is the bottom of the table painted black?

You could screw any kind of art there.


Footage of the alleged "mud volcano" eruption in the Caspian Sea filmed from the Omid oil rig.

It was stated that mud volcanoes also brought up gas, so it's possible.


Some interesting facts about Marie Curie

1.  Her parents were teachers.  Her dad gave her extra science education

2. Since it was illegal for women to receive higher education she had to enroll in schools in multiple countries (Poland, France) to elude detection

3. She's the only person to win Nobel Prizes in 2 different categories of Science  (Physics, Chemistry)

4.  She added 2 elements to the periodic table (radium and polonium)

5.  Her daughter also won a Nobel Prize in chemistry

6.  She did most of her work in a shed described once as "a cross between a stable and a potato shed"  with a leaky glass roof

7.  She offered to have her gold Nobel Prize medals melted down for the war effort

8.  She developed a portable X-Ray machine to treat soldiers

9.  She was once director for the Red Cross radiology services for France

10. She founded centers for medical research, some still exist even today (Now known as Institut Curie in Paris)50


Do you think the cave is more or less natural?



I would think it learned how to do that by watching its parents. Much like human children learn to hate other races.


And he holds up a can of Redbull for scale. There is a normal-sized one sitting beside it. I'm glad he threw it back. Genes like that shouldn't be wasted on a mere dinner.



How do people who don’t have a pet know when a ghost has entered the room?



*viewer contribution


They had 19 years to do this.

*If they changed the US currency overnight and made everybody exchange their cash imagine the ill-gotten gains they would identify.


That happens more often than I ever would have thought.


My friend, Carl, once had his VW bus driven downriver to use at the end of a canoe trip. When he got there he discovered that some pricks had shot it full of holes. Now flash forward a year when he flew off to Haiti to work on a voodoo film and left his VW in longterm parking. When he got home weeks later and approached his vehicle four undercover officers poured out of two unmarked cars parked nearby with guns drawn. It took hours for his story to be confirmed by friends who witnessed the whole sorted affair.

It didn't help matters that he had a huge steer skull very similar to this one wired to the front of his bus.


Those people need more money.


A truck filled with fireworks explodes.


The old snake-on-a-rope trick.




The little lifter who couldn't...


Some of us are more enthusiastic than others...


"Klan" in Philly Yesterday (July 3, 2021)

Whatever happened to one of our ironclad rules that "All men are created equal"?


Amazing woman helps deliver a baby on the side of the road.

Have you ever heard of a woman giving birth standing up?

*My wife was in labor for only 45 minutes with my first child and walked back to her room after the baby was born.













This is only part of several murals I painted for the Italian American Pasta Company. The hallway walls explain to tour groups the process of turning wheat into pasta flour.

The factory has the ability to take flour dumped out of the bottom of a railway car and turn it into boxed pasta loaded on wrapped pallets in 45 minutes.

Yes, you read that right...45 minutes.

This massive corporation was rather unique in that it only had one man (depicted above) to buy the wheat. Also, they brought in rotating chefs to cook for the factory workers and management and they all ate together in one big room...even the president. And, of course, they ate pasta...every...day.

I couldn't find images of the huge world map I painted in the foray that showed Marco Polo's route through Asia where he found and brought back pasta. It looked very similar to this.

PS: I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am enjoying putting them together, but my primary goal is to provide my grandson with some facts about his Big Diddy.


Anonymous said...

C11: The guy did that because everyone knows the nurses there are pretending to inject you with the vaccine, but they're really saving it for others. All about money.

He just wanted to make sure he got his vaccine.

Anonymous said...

C13: she wasn't just some incredible lady off the street, she was thier midwife. The version was sound is actually pretty good.

Anonymous said...

B8: The bottom is painted with chalkboard paint so that when it's up against the wall it's a handy chalkboard for notes. And that's why it's black.

David said...

B8- maybe it's a chalkboard?

Anonymous said...

A2: Not all "experts" agree and of course, it's up to everyone to select who they consider an expert.
B12: "Shark Attack" is racist. Since woke you should not post such language. Instead find material that would reference "shark encounter". You'll feel much better about yourself.

Ralph Henry said...

A@: No, I don't think we can just select a person to be an expert. I think experthood is earned with things like Ph. D.s, peer-reviewed publications, and years of experience.

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