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Thursday, July 1, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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Any zombie movie that doesn't have hordes of people running towards the zombies to deliberately get bitten because they are convinced it's a liberal hoax is going to look pretty unrealistic now.



I have no idea what that is about I just thought it a nifty bit of dialogue.


But I think the whole point of the exercise is to live as long as possible...it's like a species imperative.


I don't know any more about that than anybody else...and that's the problem. I want a thorough investigation. Right now the whole matter stinks of a coverup.


Most women will show 90% of their breasts, all of their butt cheeks, and wear a mere postage stamp of a bikini bottom yet they will go through elaborate measures to hide their nipples.

Dear Women, 

That's one of our favorite parts. 

Love, Men. 


It's a fucking disgrace.


Let's talk memes

The good ones are reposted over and over again.

I spend a lot of time on my "One of My Very Own" memes...and love every minute of it.

Here is my all-time favorite...

...because of the absurdity.


It doesn't matter what you do for a living people coming into your workplace and wasting your time would piss you off. The same applies to waitstaff.



*The prohibition against curse words was invented by the people who don't use them. I say fuck those people.


Making the road unbearably difficult for your children and grandchildren is not the way it is supposed to work.


A few years ago I decided that I have been to my last funeral. Neither my wife nor I am going to have one. They have long outlived their usefulness.

I've also realized that I can pull a Bartleby any time I want with minimum ramifications.

"I prefer not to."




Democracy slipping out of our grasp is scaring the holy shit out of me.


I think about that often.


I think the trick is to figure out what you want then formulating a plan for its attainment. Without a plan, people just hope their lives away.


Every time I get an update, it seems to me that it fucks up something that I use often. I won't bore you with the specifics but updates cost me time...lots and lots of time.


The one thing that perplexes me about religion is how readily people are to switch beliefs to that of their conquerors. The slaves took up Christianity with more vigor than the slave owners. The South Americans became Catholics and even out-Catholicked the Spaniards.

And then there is this slap in the face for my religion of choice...


I find it interesting that conservatives claim there is absolutely nothing to do about gun violence when every other developed country on the planet has controlled it effectively.


Trump never had approval ratings north of 50% and yet his cult followers still think he won in a landslide. Go fucking figure.



I wonder if James Chapman made any other predictions.



The absolute greatest headline that has ever been written!

Apparently, they have started a petition and everybody who responded wants him to eat it.


I would like to meet that lady.



Making insulin more expensive than a gun is going to seem like an obvious blunder by the ruling class in short order.



That's just fucking freaky.




He's going to be a big hit in prison.


This is her Tinder photo.

43 men told her that her toilet paper roll is on backward.


My wife watching the squirrels in her bird feeder...


When someone calls instead of texting...

Hell, my voice mail prompt tells them to text.



The inside of a cheese grater looks like every rap music video from the early 2000s.

I have no idea if that's true I just like the image.


July 4th hot dog eating trophy.


British Pettiness

I love fucking around with my friend, Eddy, from Scotland. I ask him questions like "Do they have mattresses in Scotland?" And he gets all "OF COURSE WE HAVE BLOODY MATTRESSES!!" And then days later I will ask if they wear shoes, or eat beef, or drink wine.

I love the guy like a brother.


I like it.


When someone has a question at the end of the Friday afternoon meeting...

I'm the guy who stands up the millisecond I hear the boss ask if there are any questions and I say, "No, we do not. You did such a wonderful job no one here could possibly have a question. Thank you so very much." And then I walk out.


Sculptures Made By Beavers



Impressive Holm Oak Known as The Umbrella Tree, Italy

Impressive Holm Oak at Villa del Balbianello, Italy, known as the Umbrella Tree. Once a year two gardeners climb up into its crown on ladders, and for two weeks they meticulously prune the tree into shape. 

*I assume they also hollow it out.


I have questions. I have questions about my questions.


Does it bother anyone else that the red truck on the left didn't back up enough?


Spitting on a person just makes things worse...

But still...he may want to work on his anger management.


Now think about how much expensive air conditioning is sucked up that exhaust.


Let's take another look at this guy...



Being a Chicago Cubs fan a clue in the NYT crossword completely threw me until the very end.

Cubs play here.

The answer was...den. Even after I had all the letters filled in I didn't understand.



US Navy released footage of a 40,000-pound bomb explosion.

The explosion caused a 3.9 magnitude earthquake about 100 miles away in Daytona Beach, Florida to test the blast resistance of their new aircraft carrier.

*I can only pity the sea mammals who use sonar.

Oh, but wait! The Navy already thought of that and has procedures to safeguard the sea life.



People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world.










*Sorry for repeats but it's been a struggle.



I once painted a mural in the local VA Hospital. The whole wall was filled with a couple of dozen of service people.

A guard took one look at it and told me the collar pins on that Marine's uniform were wrong. I had them identical but they are mirror images.

I stayed late and fixed it. He was pleased.

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Alex said...

The out-of-sync wipers would drive me nuts

I spoke exactly about this with a pilot friend. He said it doesn't matter. In this flight phase the pilot flying is only looking straight forward to his window. First he is looking out to see the runway. Next to the runway are lights (PAPI lights) to guide him down to the touch down area, this is what he looks out, so the eyes are focusing far ahead.
BTW they are not symced so pilot and copilot can control the whiper speeds on there side independently to their preference.

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