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Thursday, July 15, 2021


One Of My Very Own


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It really isn't fair to pick one guy as an example of a whole organization. You can surely find bad awful members of any organization. But the Catholic Church as an organization is on a level to itself.

Utter inhumanity. 

Brilliant tributes to the thousands of children who died while in the church's care.

Backpacks with orange handprints on the stairs to the Canadian parliament. #indigenous_lives_matter

Tiny shoes. One pair for each body found.

So many babies… sweet children.




The ocean on fire in the Gulf of Mexico after a pipeline ruptured.

At first, I thought it was a scene from a movie.

There are three ways to extinguish a fire: remove fuel, lower the temperature, and deny it oxygen. Maybe the sprayed water lowers the temperature.

I had to look it up.

I still don't get it. Is this it?


This police chief didn't know his own department had cameras?!?


I think that miserable people have a real need to blame someone else. It's very hard to admit that you have made some very bad life choices but it's easy to find a scapegoat.


We have no government-provided child care because the rich don't need it. The same with health care, affordable college, quality public schools, etc. And rich people can more or less hire politicians to do their bidding and rich people's desires are NOT in alignment with the rest of America's desires.


Another example of finding a scapegoat for one's own actions..."The devil made me do it."



My 4yo once asked if the tooth fairy pulls your teeth out in your sleep, and I deserve an award for taking the mature not-funny path of telling her “No”.



Your environment is under your control. Plant trees instead of sod and you too could have a view like that instead of this...


A Morphing Fractal Vise is used for engraving on irregular shapes.

That clip shows more clearly how it works.


A broken piece of the Berlin Wall with graffiti layers.

I'm assuming most of that is paper.


A 100 years ago someone in Vermont lost their coin purse.


An old man carried this Silver Dollar in his pocket for 50 years because "A man always gotta have a dollar in his pocket."

You can still barely see Lady Liberty.


Speaking of...

A coin taped in an old man's baby book stayed untarnished under the tape.


An old box of colored pencils after termites had their fill.


Mailman's shoes.

It saddens me to hear my mailman lament the working conditions that were imposed by DeJoy.


"Biodegradable" cups left in a composter for 15 years.

It was noted that EVERYTHING else - including foodstuff, leaves, twigs, etc - composted perfectly.


Grooves that are worn in an old stone well by the ropes.

No word on how old the well is but probably very, very old.


Oman clay tile with a 2000-year-old toddler footprint.

I wonder if its dad yelled at him for it.


I watched a documentary about vines like that. When one side touches something it immediately stymies the growth on that side. The other side continues to grow thus wrapping itself around the object. But I'm assuming this takes some time, therefore, I have concluded that the wasp was dead when the vine made contact.


I could watch this thing all day.



If you think flossing before a dentist appointment is bad, just wait until your first colonoscopy.




What an interesting observation.


How much attention does one person need? Not that much.


Holes left in a tree by Shaolin Monks over centuries of pressing their fingers into the bark to train their finger strength.

[verification needed]

*Train them for what? Touching trees?



Some of my most favorite memories involved me and a young lady naked in the wilderness. My wife once took a bottle of Hersey's chocolate syrup with us into the middle of a huge peach orchard. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.


My friend has been at it again.

Here is one of his more poignant originals...

Here are his modifications...

                                                                          *viewer contribution


America - where food is a joke.


I like how she expertly uses her arms for balance.


I'm pretty good at figuring out the physics of solutions like that. I've never used that exact configuration but I have invented many of my own solutions to unique problems. I really don't see anything wrong with that setup...as long as you have ground men.



When an annoying person asks for your phone number give them your ex’s. That way they’ll ask for you and ruin their day.



Sometimes we all could use some help getting back on our feet...

And they know instinctively to help one another. How refreshing.


Getting away from it all in China...

I would pay good money to NOT do that.

And this would be absolute torture...

One great thing about many beaches in South Carolina is that when you rent a beach house the beach in front of that house is more or less yours. I like it that way.


He more or less handed the beast the rest of it.


What those lunatics don't realize is that the same trolls that do shit like that are also trolling them with misinformation about vaccines. Go fucking figure.


Nowadays that is rather difficult to do.

In the old days, this tricycle style was a rollover waiting to happen.


Words not necessary...


Due to the regularity of this occurrence, it must be a systemic problem.

I'm amazed that this is not filmed by a security camera, but rather a handheld phone (probably) and he just lucked out to capture the incident.


This man protects his little dog with his own body...










I think that whole forbidden fruit fairytale was to teach you that it's better to be stupid and leave the holy men in charge.


Moral: ALWAYS watch others do it for a while before you try it.





Does that remind you of anybody?


This is that same art gallery/frame shop. 

The windows next to the parking lot had been bricked and looked rather forbidding, so I painted windows and added some humorous drama.

I used the owner's sons as models and that is the owner who is depicted painting the "nude".

Just wait until tomorrow when I show you what I did to the front of the building that faces a major intersection. 


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: I was going to answer this tomorrow but there's no time like the present.

Robin said...

I'm really enjoying your trip down memory lane. It's great getting to see some of the murals you've done at last.

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