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Wednesday, July 14, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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An elevator in France.

Just another reason to dislike the French.


It's a modified shotgun!


This couple brought their own food onboard.

I think that's a great idea. Why is it the airline's responsibility to feed us on a three or four-hour flight? If you want to eat then bring a bag of food. How simple.

A flight from Mexico announced that there would be no food on the flight on which I was scheduled. But they had an old-fashioned automat right by the gate.

I bought brownies, chips, and the best tuna fish sandwich I have ever eaten.



Anybody knows what going on here?


I simply don't get it.





What could the advantages possibly be?


I like how the cameraman followed him?








Many people use humor to convey a more serious message.


Artists do that too...


And I do that often...

"Ask him what he did with all that money Mexico paid for his wall."

*BTW I made that myself. You hear that, Newey? I'm coming for you, buddy.



Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it…anyway, my son has to take history again this fall.



Most of these snafus listed here could be easily fixed but it simply wasn't their job.









This one took me far too long...


"I'm a printer, not a proofreader."


Painters paint. Period.



The worse case of 'Not my job' I've ever seen.

That's fucking hilarious.



[first day as a doorman]

Me: Bye, thanks for coming.

Sperm bank manager: *pulling me aside* This was literally the first thing we talked about.




What say you? Think it will work?


A fire in Kamloops BC

I often wonder what it will take for climate change deniers to finally realize it is real, it is here, and it is dangerous.


No, our democracy is threatened by a homegrown enemy.


This angers me beyond measure.

Schools Should Not Have Mass Graves.

"Some experts warn the true number of native bodies buried at the schools is in the 10,000s. And that’s just Canada. Who knows with the US."


Jamie Harrison, Chairperson of the Democratic National Convention

I remember coming into the house for a beer more than once and finding Jaimie sitting across the kitchen table as my wife gave him advice.


I found this very interesting.


Tombstone for his son depicting him "free of his earthly burdens" by a Utah father!!!

1. God could have eased his "earthly burdens" with the blink of an eye...but he didn't.

2. Have people forgotten that we have visited where heaven is purported to be and it just isn't there.


Attacks on motorists in Cape Town

This isn’t debris removed from roads due to the storm that recently passed, this is debris that has been removed from roadways with pure malicious criminal intent. This is the gauntlet that law-abiding and respecting road users face every single day when operating on our roads.  The goal is for you to hit the objects, crash/break down, and then rob you blind, and if you’re luckily just leave you shaken up and with a damaged vehicle. They hide in the ditches next to the road and wait for a vehicle to be disabled. In some cases, they stagger the bricks so vehicles that swerve to avoid one obstacle hit another.

And, of course, you remember this incident that happened in the same area...

Footage from the robber's perspective...



And the ultimate blame belongs on the voters who elect these politicians who told them what they were going to do if elected.


I find it interesting that in the caption they use the word "Poop" and in the article, they use "Poo". Why not something a little less childish, like "droppings"?


My therapist said that “everyone is stupid except for me” is not a helpful mindset which sounds like something a stupid person would say if you ask me.




Another reason every child needs a dog.

Her dog.

*But "infested"? They fucking live there. It's their home.


A view emailed me a reminder that every girl needs a dog also.

Well, when growing up my daughters had dogs but I don't have a granddaughter I have a grandson and I've been working on his mother for quite some time.



It moves incredibly fast for his size.


"Hello, old friend."

Did you notice the Pampers?

A man does what a man must do.


You would think a horn or BB gun would be much more effective than a waved broom.


As I recall, this was her 21st birthday when she can finally start drinking alcohol.

Mom is not amused.




My wife ordered me some of these. But I think the trick to perfect fried eggs is low heat.


I've seen it done differently.


Why construction workers wear brown pants...

They are both on the way to change their pants.







Imagine being so brainwashed that you refuse to realize that the kangaroos and polar bears had no way of getting back home after the biblical flood.






*I received a comment weeks ago that stated that Bezos paid no taxes because his business showed a loss that year. That being true year after year, how did he end up with billions of dollars in the bank?


This man owns an art gallery and frame shop in Aiken, SC.

He needed a changeable "sign" to advertise upcoming events.

The free-standing figure of himself holding a sandwich board is the same on both sides.

More on the work I did for him in the days to follow.


Burgervan said...

A18: "I'm not Your Buddy, Guy. I'm not Your Guy, Fwiend. I'm not Your Fwiend, Buddy" -Terrance and Phillip. I LOVE south park. hahahaha Keep at it, Ralph. The best way to learn edits is just keep doing 'em. :)

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: persisting, springiest

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