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Monday, September 6, 2021

MONDAY #4639+

 One Of My Very Own







At first, I thought it was a small pipe.


Do you recognize this?

Pumpkins growing inside the form yields this...


Amazing Visual Effects for 1937. Movie: “Sh! The Octopus” (1937).

For this scene, the actress was made up in exaggerated highlights and shadows (including her teeth) using a single color shade of makeup. When filmed through a filter, the same shade as the makeup, it’s invisible to the camera. Take the filter away and the makeup suddenly becomes visible. Besides a filter, the makeup can also be hidden by similar-colored light. This technique was created by cinematographer Karl Struss.

*Verification Required


"Sempervivum tectorum lives forever. Have a lovely day and enjoy my succulent."

What does "forever" actually mean? I did a cursory search on Google and came up dry. Anybody?


I've shown you this before but I just noticed how they treat the black spaces around the 1.


You will never find a bigger tree lover than me.


So, THAT is the secret!


Geometry homework, Lin Yung Cheng




Imagine having to explain to you alien dad that you and your friends were the ones driving the UFO that the humans caught on camera.



To learn how to make very quick gesture drawings that capture the human form in just a few strokes of the charcoal my profession brought in a nude model. 

She changed positions often and I was doing great until she swung around and spread her legs directly toward me. I was like a deer in headlights.


A couple of weeks ago I asked you if I should use my very old paper rack to make a toy box. I have decided to make a very large chest in which I will store treasures intended for my grandson when he becomes of age. And oh do I have treasures.


I've been doing something very similar for years!


While in graduate school I lived in an apartment almost exactly like this one and one night a car left the road and ran through the end apartment EXACTLY like that. There were cops and firemen swarming around the site when word spread that the guy who lived in that apartment had an antique desk in that very corner. And in this desk was all his dope and $800 in one hundred dollar bills. All of his neighbors, including me, spread out and managed to find all of his dope and all 8 hundred dollar bills.


I was a school teacher for twenty years and when school started I knew I was finally going to get some rest from all the mural painting I had done all summer.


I love moss. Half of my patio is covered in it.

I feels great when strolling barefoot.

*Sorry for the mess - my yardman is on vacation.


Evolution finally now accepted by the majority of Americans, 150 years after Darwin

I find that personally embarrassing. I had a talk with a guy who asked me what the big deal was since it was only a "theory". I informed him that there is a "theory" of gravity and asked if he rejected that also. Such backwardness is one of the main reasons I hate religion.


I take great pleasure in creating my OOMVOs. That is not one of mine but it should have been.



I accidentally said "big" instead of "grande" while ordering coffee at Starbucks and they dragged me behind the store and shot me in the leg.





   I wonder if that actually works.




One thing I really appreciated was the lever door handles so you can open doors with elbows if your hands are full.

When you really think about it, round door handles are just stupid.














The main wall in the Furniture Warehouse was painted to look exactly like the loading dock I painted on the outside of their old store. 

I even included a delivery truck that had also been painted to look like the loading dock.

It had several clever ways to hide various fixtures.

The lights are real.

And here the EXIT sign is real and the chain on painted on the wall.

The fire marshal wrote it up in his report because the exit signs could not hang but rather had to be mounted directly on the wall. Ha.

Somewhere on the upper right of that wall, there is a brick that has LAST BRICK scratched into the paint. I did that on all my bricked paintings. It looked sort of like this:

I hired a visiting artist from Ireland to assist me. She fucked up a whole section of bricks.

I asked her if she had actually ever seen a brick wall and she said, "I think so."

Mind you I had a brick-sized piece of plywood with a screen door handle on one side and a perfectly trimmed piece of foam rubber glued to the other - dip it in the paint, dab it on the wall, perfect brick. She would have had to work HARDER to fuck it up that badly.

BTW: She hated the British more than I have ever hated anything.


Becki said...

A4 - forever:

The word combines for and *ever,
which stems from the "Old English *æfre >
aiw- in Indo-European roots"


aiw- : Vital force, life, long life, eternity;
also "endowed with the acme of vital force, young"

For convenience, more notes on aiw- here:


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: this is all about perspective, and since the puzzle is already in it's simplest form of exact miles in exact hours, no conversions are required.

From the perspective of the gasoline tank 8 gallons was used.
From the perspective of the engine 1.5 gallons were consumed (60 miles/40 mpg).

8 gallons used -1.5 gallons consumed = 6.5 gallons leaked.

Since the car traveled 1 hour exactly, we can stop right there.

Anonymous said...

C6: All of our exterior door handles are lever type as shown in the photo. However, we do use round door knobs inside the house as we found the lever type door handles tend to snag on dresses, lace, clothing and such.

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