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Sunday, September 5, 2021

SUNDAY #4638+

 One Of My Very Own







148 days until Betty White is 100.

A true national treasure in so many ways.


 I know you've seen that before but I still find it breathtaking.


Moose after being hit by lightning.

Goddamn, that looks painful!


That only means something to a man who plays with one-dollar bills daily...and enjoys it.


*Those aren't femurs.


That is my wife's favorite job. I've heard her tell it a thousand times.

Okay, Mary, calm the fuck down, girl.


For you people who have never attended a Southern wedding...


I used to wear shirts like that every day. My wife bought them for me.



I've found the Ralph frog.


All I can think about is how much work it will take to put those all back where they belong.


I love airless sprayers. Mine had an adjustable tip that went from 3" to 18". It also had a flip-around nozzle for instantaneous clog removals. I had three extension handles - 3', 6', and 10'.
Mine got stolen in that trailer heist that time.

"We're going to need a faster boat."

I read that a pyroclastic flow created a buffer of steam on the surface of the water and flowed over the water with almost zero friction.



When you are 34 you are actually 27 but the second you turn 35 you are 50. I learned this too late but it's not too late for me to warn you younger folk.



They felt compelled to cover the guy's butt crack. But you can't throw a dead cat on the internet without seeing countless butt cracks of women. What's up with that?

And if you want to see countless men's butt cracks just head on down to Walmart on a Saturday.


Is that even legal?


I think many white men are fearful of immigrants because in a generation they themselves are going to be a minority. And the only reason to be fearful is that they believe minorities are treated poorly.


"I would have liked to bump into this person or people and listen to them for a minute or two. Take care of your mental health guys and be kind to each other."

I think people have a real need to understand the forces affecting their lives and will latch on to ANY explanation that remotely seems plausible.

But what message is that truck guy trying to communicate?


I think most people have coped extraordinarily well during this shitshow in which we have found ourselves.

I think that is healthy.


That seems like good common sense to us normal people.

But sadly we are not all normal people.

The chess player Nepomniachtchi's reaction after Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, made a mistake against him

That was my exact reaction to reading that declaration from the Evangelical Church. Can anyone explain how it makes any sense?


I've always been fascinated by how many species have the males doing the elaborate displays to attract a mate. Humans are the opposite. Does anybody know why?


Does that thing just not feel the stings it must be getting? Sure, the feathers offer protection but what about its butthole and eyes?


1958 nuclear test

Imagine what that did to all the sonar using sea mammals within a hundred miles.


Would any of you do that? I'm sure I could find a hose at the bottom of those stairs.


Mount Tyndall in the Sierras. 11 miles and 7000 feet gain hiking into base camp and then another 1,600 feet over a mile to the summit.

How do you get a mountain made of stacked relatively small rocks?


In American sports, we use mascots more than the city of origin. In Europe, they more or less refer to their teams by cities. I know you have a Man U and a Man City, but you get my point. Why is that?


Types of STARD:

- MU






My stupid ass neighbor got married and left immediately for her honeymoon without making any arrangements for a neighbor to pick up her packages and mail. So day after day her wedding gifts were delivered and almost immediately stolen. The thieves didn't even both to take the boxes. They just walked around the corner of the house and removed the merchandise.



Vibration Therapy - Treatment for headaches in the 1890s.

I bet she never again uses a headache as an excuse not to have a sexy time.


How considerate.


The fancier the restaurant the greater chance I will order a corn dog just to watch the expression on the waiter's face.


This is a repost that gave me the idea to amass this section.


Upcoming Spiderman Film looks great








This is what people taking medical advice from Qanon look like to me...

I commend him.







Don't. Be. Stupid.





Continuing our exploration of the furniture store in Beaufort, SC we come to the children's section.

The huge wall had a 3'x3' column in the middle so I made it into the trunk of a tree. 

Upon one of the limbs of this tree, I created a treehouse with a small boy reading a book. The ropes holding up the treehouse were real 1" steel stabilizing rods painted to look like rope.

I included great detail on the far bank of the river.

Throughout the tree are children's book characters as if conjured up by the child's imagination.

There are dozens of faces secreted in the bark and twigs of the tree.

Here are but three of them...

I suggested that when a parent brought a child into that section the child should be shown a couple of the faces and asked how many they could find. Thus occupied the parent could shop without interruption.

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