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Monday, September 20, 2021

MONDAY #4653

 One Of My Very Own






I stated:

"For years I was confused by the locks. I thought it meant that one of the oceans was higher than the other. But I was educated in the South, so..."

Well, come to find out...

"Geographically, the oceans that Panama Canal connects with are not at the same level; the Pacific Ocean lies a little higher than the Atlantic Ocean. This difference in the sea level requires ships to get up over the terrain of Panama- up to 26 meters above sea level- in order to reach the other end of the canal."




One of the biggest sickos in history was the guy who coined the phrase “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”



Remember when compassion and empathy were considered virtues?



*That has nothing to do with the discussion I just thought it a cool ass thing to say.




As mentioned prior, my hygiene has taken a hiatus. An upside is that I have far, far less laundry to deal with.



I once had a commenter tell me that the mega-wealthy should be allowed to keep their money since they earned it and followed all the tax laws.

But they also have the cash to elect politicians who will write the laws that allow them to keep more and more of their money. The rich simply aren't playing by the same rules as you and me.

Me and you: "Can we deduct my groceries?"


Rich people: Can we deduct my yacht?"




How about fall in love, raise wonderful kids, help others in need, learn from your mistakes, meet interesting people, read great books, write books, try to live long enough to have a grandchild, marvel at the Earth's beauty, have lots of dogs, etc?

Please don't be a contrarian on life.


Robert E. Lee Confederate statue is removed from its base in Richmond, Virginia, as Crowd chants: Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye! (Sept. 8, 2021)




Imagine how exciting the Tour de France would be if they made it full contact.








But I still read the whole thing and smiled...again.



The problem with onesies...

Think of how seldom characters in movies go to the bathroom. And the only time I can remember that actually making a contribution to the plot was 

Pulp Fiction.



How to drastically trim your production budget...

The End




An Adult Spelling Bee would humble a bunch of you people.



The trenches were zigzag so a bomb or enemy gunner couldn't kill every man in the trench.


*Verification Required


When built Titanic was the largest moving object on Earth.

I think today that would be the International Space Station.


Idiot misses plane, so she says there's a bomb on board

She's late to the gate, so she says there's a bomb in her checked luggage on the plane. Oh sure, they'll just bring the plane back and let her on?  She won't have to worry about this again.


Good cardio if you ask me.


Two-wheeler self-balancing Gyroscopic car from 1967 Gyro-X


Motor removal changed the center of balance.


Devils Tower, the first National Monument in the United States

A genuine bucket list item.

I like a magnetized tip on all my screwdrivers and screwdriver bits.



Lawsuits are just rap battles for white people.




Parkour from the past



It was well into the second year of isolation...


You think the cat is being a hero. I think he is just being his usual asshole self and accidentally saved the kid.


This guy bought a toolbox and tools, and found GOLD!

And here are but a small portion of what he found inside.

One of my few trips to Walmart was to buy a small case to transport the needed tools for indoor projects. I found this perfect case in an aisle display but it was $18 which I thought was a little high. 

But after looking around and finding nothing better I pulled one down from the stack and discovered that for that $18 it was filled with a hammer, several pliers, a level, a set of screwdrivers, and a tape measure.



I really enjoy watching how they make movies.




To paraphrase the Gov. of Mississippi:

"Biden isn't trying to save lives. He's just trying to expand the reach of the federal government."

Does anybody actually believe that? 

If Mississippi was a country they would have deaths per capita from covid SECOND only to Peru - the world leader.  

Whatever happened to American's knack for getting yourself a Plan B if your Plan A isn't working? Well, it is painfully obvious that Mississippi's Plan A is a dismal failure.

And by the way, I don't give a flying fuck if he is a Republican or Democrat. You show me a Democrat that has mismanaged the pandemic this badly and I'll gladly crawl up his ass also.



It works best if the put the flashlight on the floor and shine it horizontally.




Here's another older one...


Another job for the new guy.





A few of the hundreds of schools in which I directed students in the painting of a mural.

The students brought in family photos for this one.

I'm not the only one to use ultra-high contrast in creating a mural that is so easy that a child could do it. These murals...

...were on the back wall of the gym where Marty McFly was attempting to audition for a talent show in Back To The Future.


Anonymous said...

Locks have nothing to do with sea level. They have everything to do with moving a ship vertically to traverse terrain.

Even if the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean were identically the same height, locks and dams would still be required to move ships through the Panama canal.

Look at any of the major rivers in the United States as examples. Look at the locks and dams in France.

Anonymous said...

C3: go back and read that statement again. And ask yourself if the international space station is the largest moving object on earth. Emphasis - on Earth.

Robin said...

Rebecca is going as a vampire. First two letters of each name is the last two of the moster they are going as:

CHristine is going as a witCH

ERic is going as a spidER

STephen is going as a ghoST

REbecca is going as a vampiRE

Anonymous said...

ISS length 73m - man made and in near orbit but not really on earth.
Ever Given (ship of Suez Canal fame) a mouses dick under 400m

Anonymous said...

The high contrast murals: looking at those images of just black and white, it made me wonder what exactly it is about a face that makes it uniquely recognizable.

There is relatively little information in those images, yet each face could be picked out by a family or friend as someone they know.

D'Ascoyne said...

Re: "How Smart Are You Really?"

"FDA: Ivermectin is not approved for treatment against COVID-19." Correct. However it can be prescribed in the US as "off label" treatment. This is not unusual. Many effective medications are used "off-label." While the FDA is a source for recommendations, it does not dictate clinical practice. As more and more physicians do their own real research into the matter, an increasing number of them have prescribing medications, such as ivermectin, for some of their patients.

"Merck: There is no substantial scientific evidence that our drug is effective against COVID-19." I can't find this reference, outside of internet memes. I presume this is regarding ivermectin? I would also presume this is a misquote because the notion that there is "no substantial scientific evidence" is patently false. While it is fair to say ivermectin is unproven you can say the exact same thing about remdesivir which is currently recommended for COVID at $500 per vial (and over $3000 per course).

The pharmaceutical industry seems to be putting great pressure for trials NOT to be done for ivermectin so it can remain unproven.

The establishment media also completely ignores the fact that the NIH supports ivermectin's use in clinical trials since it does show in-vitro efficacy against SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Robert Malone, immunologist and virologist who developed mRNA Vaccine Technology gives his perspective on issues in COVID including his criticism of vaccination policy and the utility of ivermectin. Because of his criticism of current policy, he (as well as esteemed researchers and physicians such as Dr. Pierre Kory) is being publicly maligned. If you just listen to the interview you will see that he isn't some guy who is barking sensationalism but someone explaining a meticulous clinical rationale.


There is a lot of flawed science behind vaccination policy that he describes in the video - policy which actually is potentially harmful.

There is a growing body of physicians (who ARE in a position to look at the literature and scientific evidence critically) that are becoming increasingly aware of the agregious influence of the pharmaceutical industry on current policy to the detriment of good patient care. Watch the video to see multiple areas of policy that arguably constitute poor medical practice made into health policy. Many critically-thinking physicians in fact, do recognize that credible evidence exists for the use of ivermectin, at least in a complimentary fashion in those affected with COVID.

Disinformation about ivermectin is driven by an aggressive propaganda campaign of disinformation that would have people believe that it is principally a "horse medication" or that ivermectin has concerning for its toxicity.

I'm not trying to "dunk" on your politics, Ralph.
This is an appeal to the author of this blog, a guy who represents himself an agent of rationality. To only dismiss what I've said as politically partisan simply because it conflicts with your present beliefs without serious consideration would only be closed-minded. So please don't.

I'm not "anti-vax" but I think there is a lot to question about the vaccines as they are applied in current policy. And if you think this makes me a "right-wing", uneducated white supremacist you would also be wrong. I am neither "right-wing", uneducated nor white. I am a practicing physician and scientist who once studied Physics at UC Berkeley and worked at Lawrence Berkeley Labs before going into medicine and now teaches clinical Internal Medicine at Stanford University, and I am concerned about the state of health care policy and practice.

Anonymous said...

^^D4^^ You hate cats eh? I feel the same way about children. First they stretch a body to it's limits leaving ugly stretch marks and a baggy vagina. Then it's all puke, poop and crying. Yeehaw! Children are hoarders of a parent's time, money, sleep and identity. I'm not fond of dogs either. They are too needy and I don't need their constant validation of my worth or their utter devotion. Plus, they can kill a person. I've never heard of a cat killing anyone. Heck, a child can grow up and kill someone also. Yea, I'll stick with cats. :-) Btw, the cat was protecting the child. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9187473/Protective-pussycat-stops-toddler-climbing-railings-tower-block-balcony.html

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