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Sunday, September 19, 2021

SUNDAY #4652

 One Of My Very Own







Everything’s free if you learn to mimic the beep of the self-checkout scanner.


*I'm not sure I understand that. Anybody?




Almost as if that was the plan all along.


And there are still Americans defending it.


How does a thing like that happen?

"This guy looks suspicious."

"Let's look up his ass."


Big Ben refurb reveals hidden treasures

Lots here I didn't know.


But then you think of the generals and admirals who won WWII - no spring chickens they.


Solar Powered Bench with USB Ports


Do you know hummingbirds have teeth?

No, I did not.


I'm a Boomer and I'm embarrassed over how we covered our own asses and to hell with everyone else.


For years I was confused by the locks. I thought it meant that one of the oceans was higher than the other. But I was educated in the South, so...


Interesting how they all head straight to the water.


I was told the vibration of a motor excited them but this canoe has no motor.


Previously I told you about the importance of bracing with a finger. This guy braces the shit out of it.


I must admit that I have never seen the inside of a hornet's nest.

I wonder if it has honey.


This 6-year-old is now playing Texas hold 'em.

I taught my youngest daughter how to add by playing blackjack. 



Caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing and that’s bullshit.



But, WHY does the brain do that?


How clever.



This will always be the funniest photo from DragonCon


Meanwhile at Amazon shipping...

I imagine it does that non-stop 24-7.






That would work on any door that you want unopened. 


The first time I watched that I was so enthralled by the dog that I missed the condition of the front of that boat. Who the hell drives that thing?



My first wife and I were in an antique store when we found an old photo that looked just like me. I bought it and have had it ever since. 

I asked my present wife where it was and she didn't remember it but suggested it might be in the closet in our guest bedroom. So I went to look, couldn't find it, but when I reached to turn off the lamp I spotted this photo of my most beautiful wife on the day of our marriage.

And hanging on the wall right behind her was the photo of which I sought.

Eerie that.

At first, I thought that I had it in that cheap plastic frame while I cleaned and restored the antique frame. But then I found the original and realized it wasn't the same image.

This is a striking resemblance to me as a young man. The guy even parted his hair on the right like I do which isn't all that popular.

But most people agree that the blue eyes are dead on.



The only thing that distinguishes us from dogs is their ability to learn from their mistakes.



Unexpected mouse attack


Somebody is up to no good.


More than one way to skin a cat...



Somebody told me that to make it very angry they tie a cord around its balls. Is that true?


And that is why you don't bet money on pool against the old guy alone at the bar.


A whale nudges a surfboard to play with humans in Argentina.


That man really loves his noodles.


And with a thousand things that could have gone wrong he nails it!


Fucker came out ready for combat!


Those little feet look like the novelty gas pedals you can buy.


Quick ain't he?





If you believe the election was stolen on the word of a proven liar then you are part of the problem.

If you take medical advice from social media then you are part of the problem.

Still no comers on my request for anti-mask/vaccine people to tell me their plan on mitigating the pandemic. Not one. 

Being against everything the Democrats say does not mean you can't develop ideas of your own. So, what are your ideas?


*This is pure gold...


Here is the truth:

The Earth is not flat.

The moon landing was not faked.

Elvis is not alive.

Democrats do not drink infants' blood.

Trump did not win the election.

Masks do not decrease oxygen intake.

The pandemic is not a hoax.













A bar/restaurant in Clemson, South Carolina had an athletic theme so I coved it with old Clemson images.

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Anonymous said...

A14 - No, it does not have honey in it. It is filled with anger.


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