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Wednesday, September 8, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







Grand opening: _A_ _ _

^I hate this type of clue.

Ones working block by block: _ _E_E_

^It doesn't end in S.

Help when writing a letter: _ _E_ _I_

South American capital: _ _ _ _

^It ain't Lima.

Does a summer job: _ _ _S

^It's not mows.

Lava: _O_ _

Rolls around while exercising: _A_ _




Electric bath, 1910.

An attempt by medicine to treat rheumatism. 

That was back when people used to take extreme quack measures to stay healthy...not like today.


Do any of these phrases look odd?

A USC victory

An M16 rifle

An Heir to the throne

Well, here's the rule:

The two indefinite articles in English are a and an. "The indefinite article "AN" is used to make pronunciation easier when reading a text aloud. The general rule is to use a when the indefinite article precedes a word beginning with a consonant sound and an when it precedes a word starting with a vowel sound."

I had the editor of The State Newspaper explain that to me. It is not that there is a beginning vowel but rather if it sounds like a vowel.

He said that is one reason headlines just dropped them completely. He also told me this:

"Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word "No.""

He was one of the smartest people I have ever met.


*Oh, I think it was a committee decision.


Welcome to South Carolina

My state has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. That's because we simply can't drive very well. We South Carolinians are also almost last in education and I think those two things are related.



Here are a couple of climate change deniers...


*Within reason, every citizen loves their country as much as every other citizen loves theirs. That sort of sounds like the logic of religion doesn't it?


*Excellent point. I sometimes worry over what would happen if I had a heart attack and there was no ICU available. All because so many under-educated South Carolinians have somehow ignored the basic species imperative of self-preservation.


You gotta love hating that guy.



When caught hitting her sister I had this conversation with my older daughter, "Is this the way we solve our differences now? I mean, if your mother does something I don't like then I get to hit her? And if you do something wrong then I get to hit you? I kind of like this idea because I'm bigger than all of you and can hit a whole lot harder."

It worked. After that, she would just grit her teeth and just walk away.


That's the guy with incredible videos of stuff he builds with basically his bare hands.


People standing in a sewage-filled ditch in Kabul.

Do you know how desperate you have to be to do that? I find it so very sad.

Later: It was in a ditch like that where all those people died in the bombing. It could have been those very people - I have no way of knowing.



Pics of Trump that include his neck should be labeled NSFW.






So, he liked it so much he gave it away?







I don't know who needs to hear this but you can re-park if you don't get it right the first time. Like, you can try again.







Recognize this guy?

Internationally famous...

And nobody even knows his real name.


That one time a Rolling Stones' Australian concert was canceled... So Charlie Watts went down the road and made an impromptu appearance at a local jazz club.

That, Gentle Reader, was a peak experience.


You should all want another human being who looks at you like she is looking a Gomez.


I like the 100-year-old who would tell people the secret to her longevity was eating a pine cone every day and other silly shit.




Just standing in the pharmacy line listening to the guy shouting out my name, date of birth, and exactly what's wrong with me for the world to hear.



I'll bet money that's in Vietnam.


I like it.


I designed one made of old appliances. Couldn't find funding.


Actually, that sounds like something I would do.



That had nothing to do with anything - I just kind of liked it.


This is a mating herd of Manatees. Do you see anything odd?

One of them is missing its tail. 


Grand opening: HARDG

Ones working block by block: ICEMEN

Help when writing a letter: STENCIL

South American capital: PESO

Does a summer job: ADDS

Lava: SOAP

Rolls around while exercising: MATS




Think that cartoon is just hyperbole? Read on...


What kind of learning curve must these people have?


A mere child speaks for an entire nation of people who have functioning critical thinking skills.




Did you notice that in Georgia and Alabama it is dangerous just to live near Florida?








Does anybody want to explain that to me?



Lesbian sex is so confusing.



One of the walls in that furniture was painted to look like the marshes of which there are many in Beaufort, SC.

It's one of my least favorite walls.

I did learn a pretty cool way to make pine needles.

I used these types of snare drum sticks.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: 20
And there's three different ways to solve it, at least.

Inchworm said...

plus five, minus 2, so the next number is 20

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