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Thursday, September 9, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







I read that you can't be a true capitalist unless you own the means of production otherwise you are just a cog in the true capitalist's vast machine.

^^A 1-3^^

These are people queued up for evacuation from Afghanistan. You have to wonder what treasures are in those bags. I have to wonder what I would take if I could only take one bagful.


Why would a religion even give a shit about such a thing? I think it's because the founders knew every normal person does it so it's an easy way to lay a heap of guilt on the practitioners.

I could imagine these children being beaten to death for pleasuring themselves.

^^A 5-6^^


I love my country as much as anyone else but I know it is flawed and can and should be fixed. If you think America is perfect then you just aren't paying attention. And please don't write to tell me that it is worse someplace else. That has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

^^A 8-10^^


Do you suppose that the inventor of the vibrator heard a voice that said, "If you build it they will come"?





Ha, it's not ever that rare!


"Rob! Act sober."

My young crew chief was once "drunker than he had ever been" (his words) and at 4 am he was stopped by a Highway Patrolman on a small residential street not far from his home. The cop had him step out of the car and stand on one foot with his arms straight out from the shoulder for one full minute. AND HE DID IT! He never did such a foolish thing again.


Great situational awareness by the blue car.

That man should be given some kinda award.


More Afghans...


Amasunzu is an elaborate hairstyle traditionally worn by Rwandan men and unmarried women.

The hairstyle indicated social status, and men who did not wear Amasunzu were looked on with suspicion until the 20th century. The style was also worn by unmarried women after the age of 18–20 years, indicating that they are of marriageable age.


I toyed with the idea of putting that in Women Younger Than My Wife but I was afraid she was underage and I didn't want to go anywhere near that.


What kind of skank pussy must that bitch have?


That was, of course, on a loop for a while.



He might want to work on his anger management.


Traditions might be fun, I guess, but they just tell me you are devoid of any personal creativity.

Remember my axiom: "Cause we've always done it that way" is one of the most dangerous statements ever spoken.


How very, very true.


I would lay down with both my daughters one head on each shoulder and tell them that they didn't have to go to sleep they just had to lay very still and quiet until I went to sleep. They would know I was asleep by saying, "Dad?" And if I answered "Umh?" They knew I wasn't asleep. You can guess the outcome.



Stop making new flavors of Coca-Cola. Either put the cocaine back in or leave it alone.





Somebody ought to redesign the whole line. That is a far too often occurrence.


I am fascinated by the way a man will just pick a brand of truck, football team, computer, or political party and then support it unconditionally for the rest of his life.


Somebody copied my technique!



(Try opening in another tab or use the link below.)

Recharging an electric vehicle by a battery swap in Barcelona, Spain 1943...


Years ago I advocated the exact same thing for modern electric cars. Instead of recharging, you just drive into a bay, have the battery pack removed and replaced, and be on your way.

Come to find out several companies are working on that very thing.




The golden age of comic books



My father was a field engineer for an international company and he once drove his company car off the interstate and parked outside a restaurant. When he prepped to leave the steering wheel spun around just like that. He knew that if the mechanism had disengaged on the interstate a few minutes prior he would have died.


How wonderful.


As I understand it, the first time shapes could be automatically transferred to a lathe was in the making of wooden stocks for rifles during the Civil War.

Anyway, I think that the end result of that exercise is less than stellar.



Why is it just roosters are allowed to start the day with screaming?


*It probably doesn't speak English.




It looks like many more are sleeping in the distance.


How could you not love that?



Stargazer fish will bury themselves while waiting for small fish or crustaceans to pass by. Then their large mouths act as a vacuum and suck their prey right in.

But sometimes it bites off more than it can chew...literally.

^^D 5-6^^

Those fuckers come out ready for combat.


My girlfriend told me she was ready to lose her virginity so the next night I laid out a thick blanket in a glade in the forest, encircled it with candles, and tried to be gentle. After the deed was done I discover my ass coved in mosquito bites.

Being as old as I am, just about everything I see or read reminds me of something, but the illustration above was just too bang on to ignore.




And then there's this...



Remember, strict abortion laws only limit safe abortions.

Yes, yes, yes! All we want is for it to be the woman's decision!



I actually had a guy in comments brag that he got a degree and paid for it himself. He hasn't a clue of what's going on now.







Repost? Hell, I can't tell anymore.



I had a dog that would do that all the time.


*Yeah, but I only knew one climbing plant so it was pretty easy.


Last of my furniture store murals. When I finished I asked if I could add this to a small wall. They agreed and I left a thousand business cards for people who would like to hire me to paint a mural for them.

I'm looking at this image and drawing myself.

Rather clever that.

Too clever in that I never got a single call as a result of all that effort.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:

Anonymous said...

I just realized that that is not actually you painting/drawing the portrait. It is a mural of you painting/drawing the portrait.

I almost wrote, "that's pretty good". But that would be an insult.

That's damn awesome!

Robin said...

Puzzle Time: Vine, Wine, Wing, Ring, Sing.

Anonymous said...

C12: The good news is that when that happens while your car is driving, it just continues to go straight. You'll know when the steering coupling breaks, and you'll have plenty of time to stop the car.

Ralph Henry said...

Yes c12 Anon, but what if you are on a turn at the time or if you brakes pull to one side?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn’t the Dad have any say in abortions?

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