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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 One Of My Very Own









I hate to send you elsewhere but the video was much too large for me to upload.

If you would like to see some more of his work:


Situational Awareness at its finest...

A split second that altered the lives of an entire family forever.


I'm thinking the ducks intended to go that way anyway.


Like me bringing in two thousand grocery carts from around the parking lot.


"Fuck her in the pussy" with sound:

I bet that man never has to buy his own drink.


Mechanic uses social media to inspire people as he overcomes his disability...

You really need to see the full clip.



Before you join a meal kit delivery service read this: PIZZA COMES TO YOUR HOUSE ALREADY COOKED.



There was once a very large and dangerous pedestrian crossing on the campus of the University of South Carolina. Instead of building a bridge over the road, they dug out the road to go under the crosswalk. The first time it rained it flooded. We were on the bridge waving our arms to warn cars as four of them did just what that truck did in the above gif. I could understand the first one not knowing the depth of the water, but the last three could see the other cars awash up to the top of their doors. Go figure.


Did you notice that his feet were sticking outside the tent? What's up with that?


But India would not be converted - unlike the South Americans who took to it like a duck to water. Or African slaves in America.



Yet another example of America's exceptionalism.

"Say, Mr. Capitalist, could you please pay people a living wage?"

"Nah, I'll just hire children."


It looks to me like he could have made it had he been in the lane to his right.


River meeting an Ocean.

It's like that feeling you get when you see the exact spot that the rain stops.

BTW It was stated that it's a river that meets the ocean.


Look at the day and times...


Moments before it collapsed he said, "I hope the strap holds."




Society: Just be yourself.

Society: No, not like that.



I'm assuming a blow-up mattress goes in the vehicle. Nice.


It's always addled to me that fasting is such a big part of so many religions.


Would you like to mentally try to figure out how to get the loop out of the maze?



Think about that for a minute.



My grandson needs one of those.



Speaking of...

And this is the exact reason grandma’s couch was covered with plastic.


I need one of those.


Nice segue.



I wish you the kind of joy your younger self experienced when the ketchup made a fart sound.



Wildlife is so...well, wild.


They should have provided it a view. I always did.



Discipline is very important...

Yeah, it's all farts and giggles until it jumps out of that window going 70mph.


Getting exercise, entertaining themselves, and all unsupervised.


Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for money then bring it back home with him.

I'll bet most of that money was meant for a tip left on a sidewalk table.




That's one lucky-ass dog.


Look what I found...


I think it's a mating thing.


So he wakes them up with the barrel of his gun?



That clip was much longer than that. They made dozens of attempts until the final victory.


That's one of the cutest things I've ever seen a dog do.












"Hey, Honey, bring your vagina over here my friend needs a beer."



This is the University of South Carolina Marching Band painting their fight song on the front of their building - under my supervision, of course.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: 1L.
Second row, fourth column

D'Ascoyne said...

Re: Dear Spreadnecks

Hey, Ralph.

"Spreadnecks"? Your disdain for the unvaccinated is a daily theme. (I am vaccinated, BTW) You do enjoy lampooning these white, redneck, far-right and uneducated unvaccinated folks, don't you?

But did you realize those most reluctant to vaccinate are actually blacks and hispanics?


And, as with unvaccinated white people, the reasoning of blacks and hispanics arises from issues such as a common distrust of the government as well as mainstream media. So please understand that your contempt for the unvaccinates isn't just directed at rednecks (Wouldn't that have been convenient?)

Re: "You anti-vaxxers ... you do not have the right to kill others by spreading the virus" - Stephen King

With all due respect to Mr. King (Dead Zone 1983 is a terrific movie, BTW), the virus can still be spread by the vaccinated. This is particularly true with the Delta variant. In fact, data from the US, UK and Singapore show that vaccinated people who become infected carry as much virus in their noses as the unvaccinated.


It seems that the unvaccinated pose the greatest risk to themselves than to others.

This is not to say I don't support vaccinations (I do), but I also wouldn't want my personal beliefs to cloud my capacity for objectivity, just as I believe that discourse is best served without hyperbole.

D'Ascoyne said...

Women Younger Than My Wife

Malt, hops and yeast. Enjoy

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