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Thursday, September 16, 2021


 One Of My Very Own








A Hello Kitty sticker on your woodchipper suggest that you’re whimsically murdery.








*Now the song is in my head.









I would have written it with "short essay".





My wife told me that Wrong Way Do Not Enter seemed like a weird name for a street.



Those zany masons.




France closed all nuclear plants due to Chernobil induced hysteria. They had a perfect safety record.

Here are a couple of comments:

"If we started building them in the 90s."

"That is only true if you accompany them with a time machine. It takes 10-20 years to get a nuclear plant running. We don't have 10-20 years."



One giant leap for mankind. 

The James Webb Telescope

The James Webb telescope has finished its final tests and is being prepared for shipping. It is traveling by sea from Southern California to the launch site Kourou, French Guiana. It is on schedule to launch late November/early December 2021.

The picture below is a special shipping container they made just for this telescope. The telescope is a finely tuned instrument that can't just be tied to the deck of a ship like ordinary shipping containers. It's an environmentally controlled container called the Observatory Space Telescope Transporter for Air, Road and Sea.


Horse thinks owner is sad and comforts her.


I know but it still amuses me.



I am absolutely sure that in that photo Stan Laurel looks exactly like an illustration by Norman Rockwell. I looked for a long time and this is all I could come up with...


Cute but not shocking… next let’s see a video of you trying to send a telegraph.

Anyway, she probably just places five calls to Uzbekistan.



Cleaning the Uda River, Russia

I have never seen such a thing as this and am not even sure I understand it.



I’m not in my prime, I’m in my amazon prime. You’ll get what you want from me about 2 days after you ask for it.




Do not try that at home.


Have you ever seen sliding glass doors that large? I haven't.


You really need to click on the link to this video.

It left me agog.


Cotton Candy in the wind...




Grandpa has been drinking again...


Now imagine what it does to a field full of crops.


I never thought about the rats escaping the flooding.

But some of them are making the most of it...












Here's one of the movie sets I have worked on.

It's a real town and any modern signage had to be covered in 1/4" plywood, painted black, and new signage added. The camera sees it as a real window.

Before filming they brought in tons of dirt to cover the asphalt.

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Suppe said...

France didn't abandon nuclear power after Chernobyl.

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