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Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 One Of My Very Own






The US Women played Paraguay beginning at 7:45pm. The score was 3 to 0 when I headed to my studio at three minutes until 8. By the time I got to my studio the score was 5-0 at the 15th minute of the game.

Jesus Christ, just stick a fork in it - it's done.




Want to know if you are your parent's favorite? Find out which sibling's birthday they use as a password.



*What kind of dysfunctional learning curve must anti-vaxxers possess?


Here's another person's direct quote:




I, for one, do not complain about young people. They are fighting a losing battle against a system designed to fuck them.


The ignorance comes from not listening to the stories of people that you have been taught to hate.


I will admit that I am as addicted to the internet as everyone else.


In these trying times, I agree that we need all the distractions we can get. I just wish you would come up with one that got you off of your ass.


But, of course, systemic racism is a myth.


The best part about getting old is the ability to say no without explaining why.


I never could hide my revulsion over those people who insist on asking questions AFTER a meeting is declared over.




I was born on my due date and I only weighed 5 pounds. It's called being considerate and respectful of your mother.

















Colombian cops teaching the new guy how to subdue a criminal...





Diarrhea is a way too fancy word for what it is.



The Matrix (1999) Shot by Bill Pope


The floor of the Florence Cathedral

My friend's innovation...

Looks a little like the Matrix.


Ho Chi Minh City

 Inside a field hospital


A machine that removes tree stumps

That's fucking awesome!


Sherwin Williams has a house paint that is guaranteed for life. I asked them how they could possibly make that claim and was told that no paint wears out from the outside but rather ALL deterioration is caused from the inside out which, of course, is not covered by the warranty. 


Which is the most plausible:

A. The entire US government is in a giant conspiracy to control you for reasons no one can explain.


B. You are being lied to by people who will profit by weakening America.


Photos that ended child labor in the US

That is an excellent video that I strongly recommend. 

Unknown to me I used one of his photographs in a mural I painted in a textile mill.

I imagine that child labor is one of the things opponents of Critical Race Theory want to leave untaught in American schools.


Teachers are a special breed.



Army Cookstove



Michael Wolf

Hong Kong

- architecture of density

Are people really supposed to live like bees?


Think of all the physics that had to be analyzed and acted upon instantly! 



Don't blame a clown for acting like a clown.



Professional grade gaslighting.

Here are some comments:

- Conservatives blaming Liberals for themselves being anti-vax.

- This is hilarious. "The left is bullying us out of getting the vaccine by telling us to get the vaccine" is not a take I was expecting.

- The party of "personal responsibility" everyone.

- It's just such an absolutely mind-melting take. "Well obviously we're gonna DIE rather than do what you tell us to, that's YOUR fault!"

- Admitting fault is the quickest way to be kicked out of the fascist club.

- It's the, "Well if you keep calling us Nazis, we'll do Nazi shit even harder!"


One of the funniest moments in this whole shitshow...











The owners closed in the arches of the depot and I painted the building to look as if a train was parked on the other side.

There were many more cars but I can't find the images.

I included a plethora of details many of which used the existing elements of the building.

At the end of the building closest to the street, I pointed to the guy who paid for it all.

I'm going to try and embed the first movie that I made myself. It is supposed to show a number of photos taped together to show the entire mural of more or less full-sized train cars.


Anonymous said...

Turns out the funeral home sign, "Don't get vaccinated" was a ruse. The web link goes to a landing page that lists a local vaccination center, and the funeral home doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
First 15 patients
T/15=3. Solve for t to get 45 minutes total.

Second set of patience brings total patients to 45. Again, solve for t.
T/45=8. T = 360 minutes total.
360 - 45 = 315 minutes for the additional 30 patients.

315/30 = 10.5 minutes average for the additional 30 patients.

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