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Thursday, September 23, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







No matter how kind you are German kids are kinder.



Yes, sir, it does. But I like to make things to give away. Here is the child with the toy box I made her.


You know...


That's a clever sign but the cleverest I've ever seen was my friend Mr. Cromer. At the farmer's market in the '50s, his dad was one of two peanut vendors. The other guy put up a sign declaring his peanuts guaranteed to be the best. So Cromer put up this sign and he was the one to stay in business until this very day.

The Cromer brothers allowed me to put I Said Left, Harold on the back of their building. One of the brothers had a bracelet made of a rattlesnake's backbone with gold "cartilage" in between each vertebra.


Most people consider "making it" to be just like everyone else. I am not such a person.


I promised my orthopedic surgeon that I would never fall down again, so such things are a big no-no for me.


You know you're old when you now use this to get the cotton out of the pill bottles.


Good luck with this...

It reminds me of the movie Twister where after showing us a tornado so powerful that it lifted a tractor-trailer into the air but somehow two leather belts held two humans from being sucked up - ergo, leather straps would have kept the truck on the ground.



*What kind of learning curve is that?



Why is the clit of the cinnamon roll the best part?





Kind of reminds me of this...

Which I always thought looked like one of those dildos.



Does that look fake to anyone else?


I wonder what the rule is on that. I mean, how long do you wait?


*Danny, that reminds me of the army girl on the fence that you modified.


I need a backstory. But I know one thing - the kicks didn't work.


Once you see Cookie Monster you can't unsee it.



Watch very carefully...



The best part of being a hitman has to be taking a shower where you place your hands on the wall and let the water run down your face while you ponder the moral ambiguity of your actions.



Lot should have read the incest part.


There ought to be statues of that guy in every state capital.


Al Naslaa Rock. Tayma, Saudi Arabia



I would have used molasses or some such.


Vincent Price cooked fish in the dishwasher on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1975, calling it "a dish any fool can prepare."

I told you about this and now I found the video.



Star Wars Trivia


*Verification Required


His bee brothers came to render aid.


All things anas...

Question: If you could fly, would you run the whole way?



If romance novels have taught me anything, it's that women in Regency, England always smelled like lavender.


*That took me much too long.



Drone Awards 2021




Sitting pretty, Mark Tennant

It's all about the brushstrokes...

There are many sympathetic angles in that one. Not the least of which is the way the tennis player's arm lines up with the seated guys' shoulder and his waistline lines up with the seated guy's other shoulder.




*Who could argue with such pristine logic as that?


I thought it was photoshopped but apparently, it's real.


We have GOT to be the stupidest country on the planet.




*Please show Kiyan how to do that.



*I read about a study of memory loss caused by an anti-depression medicine and all they did was count the number of people who forgot to show up for their scheduled evaluation.







On a wall around a parking lot of an Italian restaurant, I painted a Pompeii scene.

Halfway through I got an idea to half bury Italian cars as if they had been excavated in an archeology dig. I used this model to sell the idea.

And the funding source bought it!


Wrekreation said...

"....while the 1918 death toll accounted for about 1 in 150 Americans, we’re currently at 1 in 500." As Benjamin Disraeli said "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Anonymous said...

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) is generally credited with saying that.

Ralph Henry said...

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and the internet.

Burgervan said...

B6: It does, Mr.H. I hope the new format of the army girl I sent helps.

B7: As long as the penalty taker doesn't touch the ball again, if it ends up in the goal then it counts regardless of rebounding off the crossbar. I've never heard of a time limit after a penalty being struck. :)

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