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Monday, October 4, 2021

MONDAY #4667

 One Of My Very Own







Calling a movie “Psycho” ruins the surprise because you know there’s going to be a psycho in it. It should have been called “Normal, Maybe”.







Thanks, Dave.


Read that a-fucking-gain.



I really wanted to paint that huge mural of that guy. America needs more people like him.


*Verification Required



It seems painfully obvious to me that people only consider the food they were raised eating as delicious. Take breakfast:


I pride myself on trying as many foods from different cultures as I can find. And YES I would eat insects...in a heartbeat.

That was the worse case of misnaming since Defund the Police. Let's rename it Real History That White People Would Like To Forget.


Clever Shop Names

I named one of the mural companies BYOB Murals. Everybody - and I mean EVERYBODY - thought it was Bring Your Own Brush.




I don’t care which way the toilet paper faces. I was raised with real problems.




They do that MUCH better than humans. I wonder if it stems from the necessity to remember complex moves to traverse through a tree.


If she uses that thing her first child will be able to walk out - spinning a cane.




If I did that I would probably drop my watch.


My old ass might make it down to sit on it but I would play hell getting back up.


Okay, here's my take: He found two DeLoreans - one with a ruined front end and one with a ruined rear end, and then he just faked the middle.


Is that a fish? If so, how does it get fed?


Ridiculously fast EDF quadcopter


I had a nail shooter sort of like that. It used .22 caliber shells. With the right load, it could nail a 2x4 to an I-beam. Seriously.


And the modern copy...

I like those very much and what a conversation piece.


Speaking of foot coverings...

Said to be her wedding feet.


White Guy Shocks Nigerians by Speaking African Language


Taylor Tomlinson on modern life...


How the hell did she learn that this would be safe?


I'll just leave this here...


If I had one of those I would never get anything done.


Then somebody breaks a glass & ruins the cake for everybody else.




If you ever lose your thumb in a traumatic accident it’s possible to replace it with your big toe.

I've shown you this before but I have a question. I thought I read that you couldn't graph nerves and that is why spine cord injuries were irreversible. Does anybody know anything about that?


Rather clever that.



After you hit the snooze button five times, the alarm clock should start reciting your Google search entries at full volume.



Player 3 has entered the game.


"Well, I see the problem right there."


Watch carefully...

It looks like there's a little platform at the bottom of the curve for just such occurrences.

Yeah, it's all giggles and farts until some father - like me - is rushing an injured child to the emergency room.


I haven't a clue.


Oh, hell yes!


Never push the fat girl.



"I told you that would happen."

- Kid probably

As a retired professional ladder erector, I don't think the fault lay with his stacking the tables. I think the fault lay in his ladder not being at a steep enough angle. He should have moved the tables closer to the wall.



Teachers have never been under this kind of stress. I know several who are quitting. Many people think teachers quit because of the kids. That is hardly ever the case. Teachers quit because of being fucked with by administrators.


Would one of you fine people please explain what I just watched?


Emergency crews responded Tuesday to an SUV that drivers spotted submerged in the Yakima River, but the Yakima County Sheriff's Office says the driver claims he did it intentionally.

The owner of the vehicle told them he had replaced the thermostat in the vehicle and needed to fill the radiator with water.  Deputies say the driver told them he intentionally drove the SUV into the water so that he could get water into the radiator.


Now HERE's how to steal an election!

Russian citizens videotaped an elections official coming into an election site and confiscating all the ballots. When he was confronted by the election observer, he shoved her out of the way, in front of a cop, and walked off with them. The cop did nothing to stop it.

Republican National Committee taking notes:

Aren't you supposed to wear a big bison headdress when you do that?



I don't think that's her first rodeo.


A woman who gets caught fucking around on her husband can mitigate it down to almost nothing just by telling the husband that he has a much bigger dick than the other guy. It's worked on me over and over and over and over again.





That little gap near Panama. I think you have to ferry around it.


I'll have some of what she had.



Actually, that makes more sense than mansions on streets of gold...all invisible.





Well, my nostalgia well has run dry. Lastly, I would just like to show you some of the vehicles I have driven over the years...cause why not.

That's the truck I bought for $500 and it had never been out of Lexington County. The farmer bought it new in 1948. I loved that truck.

That truck I transported very large rolled-up paintings to Yale when I was trying to get into graduate school there. There were 1200 applicants and I made it all the way to the final 12. They only had three openings and I didn't make the last cut.

Modified 1949 GMC

That's also the building where I had my studios that burned down.

I've owned convertibles most of my life. I love them. This was my finest acquisition.


Larry said...

A3, Think BBQ......

Just Sayin said...

You wanted verification so I looked up each verse which if you own a bible you can do as well. To really understand sometimes the whole chapter needs to be read. I didn't want to make this too long so I just commented on each verse rather than copy and paste.

Genesis 2:7 (out of context – God formed the first fully grown human not a fetus)

Exodus 21:22-25 (Out of context, this is the punishment for causing an accidental miscarriage, if it is on purpose and injures the woman then it is an eye for an eye.)

Numbers 5:11-31 (complete misinterpretation – this is a test to determine the truth of an accusation of adultery. Nowhere does it talk about aborting a fetus or child due to the adultery)

Deuteronomy 28:18-24 (should be 15-24, out of context, this is God explaining what will happen if Israel refuses to obey Gods laws)

2 kings 8:12 (out of context should read 8:7-12 this is the prophet Elisha telling Hazael that God gave him a vision of the evil deeds Hazael would do.)

2 kings 15:16 (out of context, read 15:14-16 this is the history of an evil and godless king Menahem)

Isaiah 13:18 (out of context should read 13:1-18 – it is a curse upon Babylon who destroyed Israel and carried them into captivity)

Hosea 13:16 (the reference is cut off so the accusation is understandably missing since there are only 15 verses in the 13th chapter of Hosea

D'Ascoyne said...


That's a great story.

However in 2021 at Arizona State University, white students get kicked out if a "multicultural space" on college campus. "You're making the space uncomfortable. You're white. Do you understand what a multicultural space is? It means you're not being centered," shouted one woman.

Segregation returns in disguise.

Can we not simply judge people by the content of their character?

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