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Saturday, October 2, 2021


 One Of My Very Own





My wife is in Facebook jail again. The first time she had a typo stating "I hope he dies" instead of "I hope he does." This time she responded to a friend jokingly "I'm going to kill you."  Yet I can still write 'the vaccine makes you grow a third eye in the middle of your forehead' or 'masks are the mark of the devil and you won't go to heaven' without ramifications.

You either have principles or you don't. 





It made me smile...sound on.



I think that is Korean, but whatever it is I have a question about it.

The set of symbols means Hot.

The next symbols mean Too Hot. Yet none of the symbols for Hot appear in the symbols for Too Hot. Can anyone explain that to me?


As I understand it, they can tell if you have prostate trouble by a blood test.

*Verification Required


I can think of only one reason to be disappointed if my son or daughter was gay and that is my lack of grandchildren. Yes, that would bother me...but I would get over it. After all, it's their life, not mine.

But there are too many people who dislike anybody who doesn't look and behave like they do.



Yeah, I do shit like that.


I would bet money that just as many conservatives use birth control as liberals.


I read that as a description of death and think it's perfect.


Oh no, please don't the rest me!





I hate when people say “Next time you’re in my neck of the woods.”

I mean this isn’t the prairie, Laura, you live across from a Starbucks.



No trick camera work here. Want to guess how they did it?

I have a jar just like that (sans language) filled with money art.


That could have been an excellent segue into my last segment.


That slight shake of the cashier's head speaks volumes.


Remember this reference?

When seeking a degree in college they allow you to pick some classes that have nothing to do with your specialty. Most people pick the easiest courses they can find, or - Underwater Basket Weaving.

For all my electives and cognates I picked Art Education courses so I could be certified to teach when I got my degree in fine arts. My mom suggested that.


I think that deer left a turd on the highway.


Gotta be Australia.


Oh, but it gets worse...


Much, much worse...



I find that extraordinarily beautiful.



Recipe comment: I didn’t use any of the spices and replaced chicken stock with some liquid I squeezed from an old pillow I found on the highway. 0 stars taste like shit.



That clueless bastard!


As a Packer fan, I have seen this more than once.


"That's some scary shit," said the idiot.


Just a methhead relaxing in a hot tub...


But some of us are so damn good at it. The trick is to have lip hair that grows sideways instead of straight down...like this...


I must have missed that scene.


Paul Newman with wife Joanne Woodward and daughters (clockwise from left) Clea, Nell, Melissa, and Stephanie, in 1973

Last night I watched Cool Hand Luke again. What a brilliantly written and acted movie. Newman was perfect but he had an excellent backup cast even in minor roles.



“I promise to defend you from a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, but if it’s a werewolf attack, it’s every man for himself.”

“The bride has also written her own vows.”



Falls down for no reason just like in the horror movies.


Just another reason not to show you little son where you keep your pistol.



In America, she would have ended up double-tapped.


Can we assume that those lights offer very little illumination?




I'm guessing you have to sign a release from lawsuits before entering.


I'm thinking Neil is in the bag.


Whatever it was she hit him right in the face with it.


There's a lot of face damage going around...


What's good for the goose...

...is good for the goblin.


We've all seen that before...

But wouldn't you think the lady would have smelled it?













A startup computer company wanted a mural in the main hallway so I made a foam core model.

It was basically a blueprint of the inner workings of their computers.

The guy kept me waiting for two hours and I just walked out...leaving $17,000 on the table.


Anonymous said...

D1 - The little girl actually trips on a propped up 'gravestone'.

Anonymous said...

All Things Raph - love that story!

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