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Monday, August 15, 2022

MONDAY #4982

One Of My Very Own


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Justice Elena Kagan said people are 'rightly suspicious' of the Supreme Court if the law can change whenever a justice dies or resigns.


My wife is all over that.





Seeing posts of a Tesla being towed because it ran out of power with captions like "Future doesn't look that bright, ha ha!" and stuff like that makes me realize gasoline automobiles probably had the same pushback more than 100 years ago from Big Equine.


A Chinese hedge fund is outbidding you by tens of thousands of dollars for that home of your dreams?

Vancouver BC put a foreign buyer tax in place cuz so many houses sat empty, as they were just money shelters for ppl who live in China.



That's debatable.


I'm not certain what that means.




Captain, we have been attacked by a vessel from planet Omega 3! Thankfully the damage is only super fish oil.


Imagine 1000 years from now the earth is boiling, no habitats, and aliens finally arrive wondering what happened to the Sirius radio they enjoyed listening to.



I've looked for political cartoons critical of Biden and I can attest that it is very hard to find one that is funny. Do with that information as you wish.


Funny Pol


I haven't a clue.


Soviet Era poster looks like she is about to swat him on the ass.


My past experiences tell me that somebody's husband returned to the tent sooner than expected.




How very optimistic.



*Insert moan here.



The most hilarious thing I've read in a long time was a quote from one of the leaders of that organization:

“We value independent thinking, and teach it in our schools.”


I am continually reminded of the uses for all those manikins I was offered at that time.




I ran out of coffee this morning so I used tequila now my wife is exceptionally pretty.


Why are edibles always like cookies and candy? Why not psychoactive ham? Or a potato that bakes you back?



Meanwhile, in the back parking lot...

They’ll be at the front of the parking lot in no time.




No milquetoast he.


People have been doing this since the invention of boats.

Some people do it with flair...

Just kidding. That clip was reversed...but it's still impressive.

But when the boat is much, much larger care must be exercised...

(Don't give up too soon)

^^C 4-6^^

She's a keeper...at least this kid thinks so...


Remember this bitch on Jan 6?

She claimed she was maced but she keeps rubbing her eyes with an onion.


*My trollers have discovered that with one click of one button I never have to tolerate their insults again.



If you don't think music is important you need to remember that 13 dwarves convinced Bilbo Baggins to rob a dragon just by singing about it.


It's only sodomy if it is from the Sodom and Gomorrah region of Mesopotamia. Otherwise, it's just butt stuff.







Two points I would like to make: There are so many tourists there that the line backs up halfway down the mountain, and all those people leave behind tons of garbage.






The perfect segue.



A few years from now while we are foraging for food someone will say "Hindsight is 2020" and we will all laugh a little because it was a pretty good joke.


C’mon now, y’all couldn’t have ALL been picked last for kickball every time, that’s not even mathematically possible.



It was stated that it always goes for the head.


Before you take in a wild animal as a pet remember that most die within weeks.


It put on the brakes to cause an overshoot.


We'll ride this out together...


And here's the film it took...



I've posted this years ago.

But there are so very many more.





And my favorite...

^^E 7-13^^




(Backup in case it didn't load)



Just read the Bible. Really READ it. That's all I ask.


Think of all the physics he was just exposed to.



Who will she grow up to be?


Bigcee said...

Puzzle time. She will grow up to be Medusa.

The baby has snake eggs on its head that will hatch to transform her into a vicious monster with snakes for hair.

billr said...

^^D4^^ Not to mention the bodies of all the ones who die up there. At least 250. So far. https://mounteverest.info/how-many-dead-bodies-everest/

Gun Guy said...

They're not meant to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: Medusa. snake eggs on her head.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Gun Guy, You might want to look up the meaning of the word "cartoon".

Anonymous said...

A1: That’s alota right wing claptrap, you know, malarkey.

Anonymous said...

B1: You are going to the wrong sites. I’m sure you visit the ones that reinforce your biases. Even if you found one you won’t post it. Who are you kidding? In the 60s’ I’m sure you were “Stick to the man” only to evolve to “Stick it in their arm”….Baaaa….Baaaa.
Joe: Is my zipper down”
Jill: No Joe…Why?
Joe: I’m peeing
#2 Joe at the dentist
Joe: My tooth hurts when I suck.
Dentist: So you’re in constant pain.
End of Quote
-Joe Biden
Dear Brandon, Now that you have mastered bicycling, try skydiving.

Anonymous said...

B13: Just how many do you think you could sexually assault?

Anonymous said...

C8: So you know it’s an onion. Can you smell it? What kind if onion is it, yellow, sweet, vidalia, etc? Could be a hard boiled egg. Could be you’re the bitch.
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