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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...and I mean it...

This young lady is just about to be arrested for having a weed growing in her own yard. But the cop knows it's a joke...not the arrest he is forced to make, but our stupid ass drugs laws.
 We are free Americans..........yeah, right.

Look guys, we have LOST the drug war and the victors are us...free Americans...at least the ones that aren't caught.
I know that the young woman above will be fingerprinted then let go, but the guy that supplied the seed for her plant, or the guy below that (like every American who sees a way to make money off something... it's called Capitalism) may go to jail for years...YEARS!!!
You and I pay for his room and board, medical, etc, for a cost of untold millions a year.
 Wake up, people. Marijuana is not a threat to our society. It does not make you go crazy, it does not make you kill people....it just mellows your ass out.
In my opinion we all need to mellow the fuck out.
 Other countries...advanced countries...don't have our paranoid laws and they have NOT  all turned into zombies.  Look it up!  
 By criminalizing the use of a weed that can be grown in YOUR back yard anywhere in America, we have turned huge numbers of Americans into criminals by laws that are not based on logic.
 If I were in charge I would allow every table in America to have a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, and a marijuana shaker.  Like I said, We all need to just chill out.

So, how did the "Land of the Free" turn into the "Land of Shut the Fuck Up and Obey the Rules"?  Whatever happened to the American mantra that you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else? I say our freedoms were bitten off one little bite at a time.  When some jerkoff passed a law that criminalized paying a woman for sex because it was evil....all those people who had no need to buy a woman liked the law....It didn't effect them. Same thing with gambling.  People said, "Heck, I don't play poker in my garage, so neither should anyone else." These nibbles continued from the day our constitution was ratified and now, I look around and find that just about anything that is really, really fun is fucking illegal.
I say fuck this shit. I call for widespread, massive civil disobedience.
Remember, I don't want you driving drunk (don't hurt others clause), etc, but why the fuck can't I distill my own booze, or grow my own weed, or pay my neighbor for sex, or decide to kill yourself in old age, etc, etc, etc, etc.  
I may be overly sensitive to such things, but I think that most, if not all, of these stupid laws came from the old "Your body is a temple" Christian bullshit. Their god tells them it is wrong.....therefore....IT SHOULD BE OUTLAWED FOR EVERYBODY!!!!
I don't want to appear rude, but I don't give a flying shit what your views are on what I do with my life. You have no right to tell me what to do.  How do I know this? It's called the constitution.  Read it. Then go smoke a joint and maybe then you will understand.

Now the bad news.
I have no idea if this shit is true are not, I just got it in my email. If any of you would like to do the research, then please let me know.
It seems that medical marijuana may not be all it's cracked up to be.



Remember when we were all told that 
you can't lick your elbow?

Don't fucking believe it...

Speaking of freaks...

Can't you just see this guy walking up to a one legged guy in a bar and betting everyone within earshot that between them they have 17 toes...

Okay, I admit that cutting the flesh off your body is, indeed, freaky. But would I want to make it illegal....NO! 
Come on guys, it's his fucking body, and it's just NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS!

I, personally, would not do this. But as Americans, do we want everyone following the same rules? I think not. I take great pride in our diversity....and by that I don't mean the color of our skin or which invisible god you telepathically communicate with.
I'm talking about people who have made a conscious decision NOT to look like most of the people around them. I am drawn to these people. 

And if I may segue back to the dope discussion earlier, I know A LOT of "normal" people who smoke dope. Same (as illustrated here) for tattoos.

Okay, this one is really freaky. And anarchy tattoo on a cope.....WOW!

 But wouldn't you want to see it in person?



Yeah, he's a real man....really...

Is this photoshopped?

Well, since I just pissed off all the women readers, I might as well make a slam dunk.
I find it interesting that a woman will tell you to wash your hands because you touched you dick before lunch, forgetting that the night before she had that same dick half way down her throat.  But if you are a male, don't pull that logic card on her....they don't deal well with the logic card....trust me.

This is another image that has so much wrong with it....I can't deal with it.

 ( I bet it was a ball )

This is a real, naturally forming rock. I wanted to tell you that it was the very first soccer ball....but I knew you were too astute to fall for my ruse.

The Germans even know about this shit....

My old friend juxtaposition rears its head again...

I really do think this is awesome...one seed, in the exact right spot at the exact right time...DAMN!

This guy is a MASH fan. This is his backyard.

Four reasons I don't ride the subway...




(Rupert may be the only person to get this...besides me, of course)


One of my very own...(I like this one very much)


She must have a SEVERE limp....
( the limp was the cause, not the effect....get it? )


Anonymous said...

while SMOKING pot has negative effects (as would smoking anything), there is no evidence that shows the same for using the vaporizer method, nor for ingestion. I heard a patient once say that the pot didnt lessen his pain, it just made him think "yeah I still hurt but dont really give a shit, which is more relief than any other medication has given me". Even the FDA says there is no evidence conclusive either way. So I am still a believer in its uses until it just quits working for me. Margaret

Ralph Henry said...

Darlin', you and I are on the same page. I say if an American wants to inhale radioactive fucking nails it's nobody's business.
However, the research sited in the "Bad News" section concerned cancer patients using its benefits to ease pain and increase appetite, but Maaaaaaaaaay, have a negative effect on the body's cancer fighting prowess.
The jury is still out...just thought you'd like to know.

Mike Thexton said...

Because the red shirted ones always die...Am I 3 years too late?

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