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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Opinion

Since the lunatic went postal in Arizona a few days ago I have heard some very interesting suggestions as to how to "solve" this problem. First some personal background.
I own several guns, including handguns. I have hand guns readily available in every room where I spend a majority of my time each day. I have been asked what I'm afraid of, and I say not a damn thing; I can take care of myself. But do you remember the two guys just convicted for tying the husband up and making him listen to the thugs rape his wife and daughters? If not, it got worse from there. The point is, the thugs just walked in, knowing the man was unarmed.
What are the chances of something like that happening to me? Very remote....the exact same odds that that poor guy assumed he had.
From Australia:

In the US we have tried to "control" our gun "problem" at the point of sale with background checks, etc. I contend that the "control" of guns by the government will be just about as effective as their "control" of cocaine.
And lastly, a real hero was credited with smacking the murdering lunatic in Arizona with a chair while he was reloading. Had the hero had his own handgun, I doubt if he would have waited that long.

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