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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My take on Japan

 I am a sentimental sap. One reason I hate funerals is that I cry more than the children or widow of the guy I hardly know.
 This shit really, really touches me.
 I have given money. I wish them the very best and really feel their pain.
 But life is too fucking short. There are 10's of thousands being murdered in Africa and we, relatively rich people, do nothing. We see suffering on TV and we go all gooey. But if there are no cameras we couldn't care less.  Therefore....

I knew it wouldn't be long before jokes about Japan started flooding in...

But here's the image that I found........most interesting.
Look, guys, those fuckers were hit with a 9.0 earthquake, then dozens of huge aftershocks. Then the tsunami that have killed thousands. Now it looks like the only country to be attacked with nuclear weapons is going to be radiated again.
I think god has made his decision, and he has decided, for whatever reason, to fuck the Japanese. He not only decided to fuck them, but to fuck them live on CNN so we could all watch. 
Okay, here's my prayer:
"Dear god, have you lost your fucking mind? How much are these poor people supposed to suffer? Did you, like, wake up on the wrong side of the bed last week or what? Now, if you are an all loving god that all your PR claims, AT LEAST keep the winds blowing eastward so you can fuck with the Californians. They deserve it, what with all the butt fucking and shit."

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Anonymous said...

Read how American POWs were treated during WWII and you might not feel so badly for them. Or all of Korea for thst matter. I know it's a long time ago but karma's a BITCH who never forgets.

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