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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I don't know why, but I think about science stuff a lot. Here are two science "puzzles" that I would like to discuss.

This first one has no understanding of Relativity. When I told Albert about it, he was very appreciative.

This next one is a little confusing, so let me restate the problem.
 If the guy poked you with the stick while you were looking at him with a very powerful telescope, you would not see him push it until a year later. My jury is still out as to whether the energy in the stick went faster than the speed of light. Anyone?....Bueller?....Bueller?....... 

Further, I have no faith in the speed of light being an absolute. It works very well now, with the observations we are capable of making, but that doesn't prove anything. At one time our observations rightly told us that the Earth was flat and was the center of the universe.


A great all-in-one...

After coming up with this idea, donations soared.
The UNICEF people scattered around sticky things that had to be peeled off the sole of shoes. On the bottom is pictured a land mine with words that told them had they lived in one of the countries with millions of land mines still lying around, then they would have just had their legs blown off.

But how many forks do you need?

I visited a site that had vending machines for, among other things: beer, liquor, live food, live bait and soft drinks.

TRUE:  This is a churkey.



Doesn't the toy bike on the inside track have a shorter distance to go?

Wouldn't it be nice to reuse all train tracks that have been abandoned into use by vehicles like this?

Do want!


Finally, now when you climb mountains you don't have to worry about forgetting your cork screw...



Nothing new here, except for the image itself...

 In high school I knew a girl who lived in a "house" like this.  There was a real problem with mildew.

This is why there are building codes...

Remember what Buckminster Fuller said...Mankind hates nature...otherwise he would never have invented architecture. 

We all know what a glacier looks like, but deep inside is a whole new story...

 Amazingly beautiful. I can only assume that that was made by drastically changing weather.

"Hey, boss, instead of blasting out all of the rock, why don't we leave a few right on the edge kind of like a tunnel?"

Ever wondered what science it takes to pave a racetrack and keep the exact slope?

Know what this is?
 Hightlight between brackets, but give it a minute: 
[ Center-well irrigated fields as seen from airplane ]

But by the way, the fields are made by drilling a well down into the aquafer and attach one of those moving sprinkler systems to it...thus the circles. The problems are twofold. First, the field will only yield crops until the salt builds up and renders the land useless for...oh, ever. Then there is the aquafer, which is used for drinking water for millions of people. Aquafers are deep, huge fresh water lakes left over from the ice age. They can not be refilled. They are running dry. Have a nice day.

Do you know what this is?
 Highlight: [ Tarzan's yell ]

One of my very own...

God hates these ladies?

And lastly...
I read a long article about a couple of Russian scientists back in the late 50's who acquired 500 wild foxes from a fur factory. These animals were graded as to how aggressive they were. The more aggressive ones were sent back. The least aggressive were mated. These offspring were likewise graded, but the grading got tougher.
Once only animals that allowed humans to feed them through the wire were mated, then the offspring who allowed humans to touch them. Which ones tails wagged when a human approached. You see where this is going.
Now after only 50 years the remaining foxes are completely, totally domesticated. They are routinely walked down the street without a leash. They are very friendly to children...akin to a Golden Retriever. 
But that's not what blew my mind. The animals also changed their coloration; spots, white bellies, etc.
Ah, but their tails now curl upwards, whereas foxes tails are straight and low. But.....are you ready...the new tame foxes have lost three vertebrae in their tail. And nobody knows why.
All this in only 50 years.
So when you look around at the vast diversity around us, remember that they had millions of years.

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