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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I will state again, when a country goes to war, every citizen should be asked to sacrifice.

Yes, that is a flamethrower...

Germany had no problems with Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

Here is my opinion... 
 Very conservative people talk a good game of "freedom", until someone wants to do something that those conservatives don't themselves do.
I find freedom more alluring.

The arguments got heated for keeping women off warships, but odds are one of these warriors is female.
Do you have any idea how many things have to go right for this take off to end successfully? Staggeringly complex.
 Many people would agree with the cartoon below.
 I do not, of course, but the bigger picture is that even if I thought that women belonged in the kitchen, I have no right to tell another American that they have to live by my rules. And that goes for abortion, gay rights, drug use, polygamy, prostitution, gambling, etc, etc.
You see, the same exact argument about keeping gays out of the military was heard for blacks and women. Now we know that it was bullshit.

I have never seen missiles carried on top of the wing.
I would think it would mess up the lift of the wing.
Any ideas on that?

We, you and I, pay people to go places and kill other people. They do that very, very well. The problem is not the killing; the problem is morphing back to a non-killer.

I found this interesting.
No more black hoods for the detainees,
now they do it this way.

Somebody's day is about to get much, much worse.

But the blade cuts both ways...


Koreans - 1; Pirates - 0

(I just don't get the Belgium reference)

We are watching the world change right before our eyes.
I wish them the best.

But remember when our hearts went out to the Chinese?
And you remember how that turned out.

Since WWII, 46 revolutions ended in authoritarian rule (swapping one dictator for another); only 19 ended in lasting democracy.
Sober that.

At 60 caliber, the world's most powerful handgun.

I like guns. Here are a couple I've never seen before.

Interestingly, in ten minutes I am going to drive to a store and purchase another weapon for my daughter.
Welcome to America, boys and girls.

Touching, this.

One of my very own...


I took special note of this when I stumbled upon it. You see, when I was in high school my girl friend and I....well, you know, and then you know what happened. We decided for her to have the baby and give it up for adoption. I never told anyone for a long, long time, but I paid for half of all the expenses. Her mother picked up the other half. It took me ten years to settle the debt, but I never regretted a cent of it. My son was born in 1963. Rather interestingly, we were asked to give the kid a first and middle name. We were advised to pick a name that....well, we really didn't like all that much, otherwise it would not be available for our future children. I named him John David.

Which, of course, reminds me of a joke....

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Anonymous said...

On Feb. 17, Belgium hit 249 days without a government, breaking a record set last November by Iraq. A caretaker government has been running Belgium since elections on June 13, but despite countless negotiations among the fragmented political parties, the nation's leaders are not even close to an agreement on a new coalition.

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