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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics and Curiousity

I think inter-gender boxing should be an Olympic sport. 

Olympic facilities are not equal....
 My son-in-law told me about the "dining stations" available to the athletes. They include: Asian - sushi and shit; Muslim - no pork and shit, etc. It seems that the athletes from poor countries walked into a room full of more food than they had ever seen in one place and grossly overate. After that their coaches had to go with them and mete out portions.
Further, guess what athletes should eat the most?
I guessed wrestling (wrong), then weight lifters (wrong again). Think about it and I will give you the answer at the bottom.

 She got silver. She really, really, really wanted gold.

Those last two are called "Nice work, Segue Guy."

It was stated that this is a photo of sun from Mars, but who the hell knows.....still impressive....

The underwear part is true, by the way....

Throwers (shot put, hammer, etc) eat the most. It has something to do with a very short burst of energy.


Jambe said...

Curiosity carries equipment from five other nations as well (four of which are in Europe). If these missions highlight anything other than the spiffiness of our intelligence and desire to explore, surely they show that we can (and should) put aside our ancient, tribal, bullshitty nationalism (for more or less the same reasons that we should put aside our ancient, tribal, bullshitty religions).

The Martian Sunset photo was taken by the Spirit Rover. These pages are loaded with neat info and photos:



Those crater panoramas are fantastic, as is the Martian dust devil gif. I'm excited to see more color images coming in from Curiosity (here's the first one we got, overlaid on a computer simulation of the lander's location).

Jambe said...

wrt the DMV "not giving you a wit of credit" — does it really matter who said it first?


This was a particularly good post. I liked the mini-storage Higgs one.

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