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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Ran across this...
Struck me extraordinarily sad that one of a kid's biggest fears is going to hell. 
What kind of person would do that to a child?

Oh, I forgot, thinking is forbidden....look it up.

It's been said often, but needs repeating...those people don't read the book. They remember to good stuff and skip over the bad stuff like it's a typo...

Lulling more people into inactivity, while evil has the run of the place...

I would counter with, nothing was made pretty clear in the book. Have you ever seen a break down of the contradictions? I thought not.

This works pretty well until your teacher wants to teach your child that evolution is only a theory and creationism is a fact....
And would you expect Jimmy to keep his mouth shut if a friend dropped a couple of grand a week on this kind of thing? What kind of friend is Jimmy anyway?


Anonymous said...


I hope this works. It's a picture of a cow sculpture with a VW bus as the body. From the site welldonestuff.com

Thought you might enjoy, although I know the likelihood that you've never seen this site is low.

Karen -- your niece-in-law

Ralph Henry said...

Thanks Lady. I'll certainly post it this week, with comments about motivation.

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