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I'm an artist, an educator, Pastafarian and I write. I also will gamble on just about anything. And I like unusual juxtaposition, but I love my wife...and beer. This blog is observations from a funny old man who gets pissed off every once in a while. Oh, and I mispell alot.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


So, with the real possibility of an eternity broiling in lava, we should have no fear...

Let's do a bunch of billboards, shall we....

"How does religion hurt you?" I'm asked all the time.

Intermerate beliefs, all 10,000 of them, are very comforting....even with blatant contradictions....go figure...

Yeah, but my wife really is the most beautiful...

Religion can make your nipples fall off and turn them purple, because it combines with carbon monoxide and disrupts the blood flow.

20% of Americans think the sun orbits the earth. Sounds bad until you realize the other 80% think it's towed across the sky by Jesus in a chariot.

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