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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The ratio of getting heads vs. getting tails isn't 50/50. It's more like 51/49--with the coin more likely to come up the same way it started. So you're more likely to get heads if the toss starts out with heads face-up, and tails if the toss starts with tails facing up.

Stoned kid maniquine...

Care to guess about this?

It’s not a novelty vehicle. Two-front fire trucks are actually useful. The German truck maker MAN originally built them for firefighting crews that provide service in long tunnels, such as the 7.2-mile tunnel beneath Mont Blanc. In the tight confines of a tunnel, a truck might not be able to turn around. So the crew drives toward the fire, manning the end facing that direction.

I'm thinking the shop is used to mass produce these generic statues...
Further, I suggest that that kid is the "hair guy"; the one worker who does all the hair. There are others that have been trained to do various other parts. And they do that one job very, very well.

A buddy was showing me how Tinder works and he ran across a picture of my wife.

 The beaver is hunted for its testicles, which are valued for making medicine. When the beaver sees that it cannot escape from the hunter, it bites off its testicles and throws them to the hunter, who then stops pursuing the beaver. If another hunter chases the beaver, it shows the hunter that it has already lost its testicles and so is spared. The allegory is that those who want to live a proper life should cut themselves off from sin, so that the devil, seeing nothing he wants, does not pursue.

Since 1993, architecture students at Alabama's Auburn University have designed and built striking, low-cost buildings through the renowned Rural Studio program. To participate, the students move off campus and across the state to rural western Alabama, where they work with clients in one of the nation's poorest regions. The program has resulted in dozens of structures that improve the lives of individuals and whole communities
I find it interesting that so much of the floor space and roof space is occupied with a porch. But then again there isn't any AC and it is in Alabama after all.
Small dwellings have long been the norm in the mountains...

 Built in 1972 as the flagship of Japanese architecture's "Metabolist" movement, and a symbol of the ever-self-renewing style of Japanese urbanism, the tower's modular design allows for the straightforward replacement of the cubes that comprise its exterior. Each cube contains a porthole-windowed micro-apartment.

 Alas, the Nakagin Tower never lived up to Kurokawa's vision. Nobody has ever replaced any of the cubes, and some sit empty in states of serious disrepair. An ongoing argument has failed to decide whether to rehabilitate this monument to retro-futuristic micro-apartment living, or to tear it down.

It's being called the greatest absence of evolution ever reported: sulfur-eating bacteria that live deep in the sea haven't changed at all in 2.3 billion years, according to a new study.

My thinking is that its environment never changed, so why should it?

 Speaking of...
The light angle helps, no doubt, but the depth of the ink in this microscope photo of a one dollar bill is impressive. Keep in mind that the dollar bill is only 0.0043 inches thick.

A divorcing couple divides their Beanie Baby investment under the supervision of a judge.

One Of My Very Own...

Kind of looks like 110% of Iranians are miserable.

From FBI stats...
I'm guessing it's because so few people get away with it for long.

I have a young friend who does this shit all the time...
Broke his collarbone once in the middle of nowhere and had to rescue himself...and his expensive bike.

 You know how I always want to know who made up the rules some of you obey...like wearing ties, etc?
 Welll, I just read that Queen Victoria was the bitch that popularized a white gown as proper wedding attire. Now young couples go in debt just to follow the fad of pretending that your wedding is more like a corination.

A model train with model grafitti...

I looked at this longer than I should have...
 Check out the girl chewing gum in the upper right. That is exactly the way I eat my Nicorette gum.

My favorite bar is offering a new munchie...
It's a glass full of bacon that comes with a dip that is one of the most delicious things ever to enter my mouth. They start with maple syrup, add peppers, then reduce it by half over heat, and it is used for dipping the bacon in.

20,000 light years from hone, Ceres

"20,000 light years from hone, Ceres."
I have no idea what that means, but that's what the caption said.
Further, there seems to a mystery as to what those white spots are. I will predict that they are impact craters that blew away the grayish surface to reveal a whiter sub-layer.

More pictures from above...

 I have a train yard like that near my home.

Everything is going to be alright...

Elevator with foot buttons...
 Can we assume that is for handicapped people?

My Final Word...

My wife eats chicken legs with a fork and T-bone steaks with her hands.

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