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Saturday, September 19, 2015


One Of My Very Own…

Latest picture of Pluto

One of these children broke the law.
Notice the NASA shirt.

America screams "STOP HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS!" to Cuba over the wall of Guantanamo Bay
torture chamber.

90% of my sentences begin with "Whaaaat?"


An icy moon of Saturn hangs against the face of its giant parent planet captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
And a hell of a photo it is.

 It was 3 AM. Robert Wright of Fresno, California was barbecuing a slab of pork ribs. Then the apartment next to his caught on fire. Wright got his wife and children outside, safe from the flames. Then he went back in to rescue the helpless ribs that otherwise would have been lost, if not for his courage.

 Who the hell barbecues at 3 in the morning?



I really can't believe the price my wife pays for sunglasses. I'm starting to think it'd be cheaper just to get the kitchen window tinted.

My nephew travels often and has spent a lot of time looking for this.
It's pretty damn interesting and you can go on line to learn more. 

I wrote my nephew who is looking for that millionaire's treasure with a suggestion that he learn all he could about the man himself. Here was my nephew's reply:
I know all of his family members names
His address

Telephone number
1st Car (year/make/model)
Where he went to school (Temple, Texas)
All of his classmates names
Where he vacationed
His hobbies
And his pets names
And much more

I'm way ahead of you.


 And then there's this guy.

This man paints his face and calls it Art.
 He "paints" his face and calls it Art.

Meanwhile, in Australia…


Modern success is measured by how long it takes your boss to notice you have no idea what you are doing.


Something we all should know.


This morning my stomach made a really weird noise. So I sent down a dozen donuts to check it out.

I watched a clip about this cobra and this python fighting.
 The cobra finally broke loose and the python was bagged and carted away.
It was not clear whether the python survived the cobra venom. 
In an eerily similar struggle, this sea snake and this frog managed to kill each other.
I find it interesting how many times I collect an item to post and then the same day I find another very related item without really looking for it. Odd, that.

Solitary Figure in a Theater, Edward Hopper
As a man who loves brush strokes, you know how I feel about that.


How amazing is it that nobody in the same kingdom as Cinderella , had the same sized feet as she. (I think about stuff like far too often.) 

Sometimes I wish I were a cartoonist.


Remember when you were in college and you woke up after a big party and didn’t know who was sleeping next to you?
 Speaking of dogs, who wouldn't want to see a turtle bite a dog's nut again?
 And in case you didn't know...

Speed dating has nothing to do with drugs. 
I know that now.


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